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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i've been off course on the making of art (as well as everything else) for several weeks now due to many unexpected out of town trips (with no end in sight). i'm feeling frustrated and blocked and overwhelmed. so yesterday morning i sat myself down outside and spent hours working on an interactive mail art piece. i simply enjoyed the sound of the birds chattering and the fountain flowing and the feel of the sunshine on my skin and played . . . and played . . . and played . . . i actually set a timer for thirty minutes but by the time it went off i was feeling so deeply involved that i just ignored it and kept right on working/playing.
i'm glad i did. i feel so much better and actually was able to get some hum drum house and garden things marked off of my list later in the afternoon as well. am pondering the idea of committing every morning to art/creation but unfortunately don't feel that i really have the time.
maybe a compromise with just two mornings a week going towards nothing but art . . .
the loose eggs are reversible and have words that form a phrase (maybe more than one?) on one side with "wishes" on the other. the piece measures approximately 7 inches by 9 inches and is on watercolor paper. there is a letter written on the other side. i left part of the perforated edge as a decorative element and used stitch, watercolor pencils, oil pastels and a variety of pens as well as lots of bits and bobs found in the collage box.
i have not forgotten about TAST but hope to post on that later in the week.


  1. Can definitely see that you have had fun with these Libby and you have achieved good results and effects too. I really like 'wonder' 'love' and 'faith' - the colours all work together. Lesley

  2. Oh Libby Q! I can just picture you sitting out in the garden, delighting in the creative process. I've been meaning to spread my paper and pencils out on the kitchen table, facing the bird feeder. I will do it. Your work is always alive and vibrant. Somehow, I think a bird is going to perch on your shoulder and gaze at your art in deep appreciation.

  3. Good for you...you seem to be getting your priorities in order!! We must feed the creative beast inside!!

  4. It's so worth to take that time to create, it's food for the soul! you feel so much better and have a load of lovely things to show for it. I love your eggs, beautiful colours and designs. Mx

  5. I think a goal of twice a week is doable! Being creative is so good for the soul!! And fun too!!


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