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Friday, August 30, 2013

Art Journal Every Day and my art journal page #1

i have been playing around with digital art journaling for a while now but i finally decided to get out my paper, glue, scissors, etc. and create a page the 'old fashioned' way.
what do you think~!?

i will be using quotes as jumping off points within my first pages and am looking forward to binding them together in some artistic presentation (when i get that far).

this page is created on a lightweight cardboard base (cereal box).
some of the supplies/techniques that i used:
  • newspaper
  • water color ~ paints & pencils
  • paper napkins
  • various found images & words
  • lace
  • some stitching
  • micron pen
  • lots of glue
this page was put together bit by bit over the course of a couple of weeks and inspired by my love of gardening.
i've enjoyed making art journaling a (mostly) daily habit during this time and i hope to keep it up. with that in mind i found a group of like minded souls over at  Balzer Designs. Julie Fei Fan Balzer has an "Art Journal Every Day" link-up on fridays and i'm going to jump in today. if you're a fan of mixed media art and/or art journaling you might want to check it out and join in too. today she has three fabulous short video's to share not to mention what surprises you will find if you visit some of the other artists links.

i also had the time to create a digital art journal page using a crop from a photo of this cut and paste journal page:

so looking above you see 'before' and below you see the 'after' the digital magic page.

would you share with me which one you like the best: the digital page or the one that i created with lots of glue? any particular reasons why?
i had fun making both. different skills and supplies needed and different surprises within the processes.

as always you should be able to click on any of my images and see the details in a larger size if you wish to do so.


  1. here from AJED- I really love both versions. I too dabble in many facets of art, I just go with the one that inspires me to create at the time. The quote with that gorgeous hummingbird (I love watching them!)is wonderful with the crochet lace framing it.

  2. You are so creative. I like both versions, but if I have to choose one, then the graphic one. Why...the soft faded corner.

  3. I love both versions equally! What a great creative outlet. I love the idea of using quotes as a jumping off point.

  4. I love all your work, paper AND cloth! You KNOW how much I love birds. Well done!

  5. I love them both, but especially the hummingbird, as I've been enjoying them so much this summer.
    Also love the bumble bee on the orange.
    Very creative and fun LibbyQ~

  6. I like them both too. I'd hate to have to decide which is best though, it depends what you are going to do with it. I do like your idea of making them into a book and for that I think the digital would make a better book, but for art's sake, the old fashioned way. I'm no help. lol

  7. It's fun to play with different mediums. I enjoy seeing what you are up to.

  8. Well, I like them both, too! I noticed the bee in the corner, too, because I remember you did a little blurb on saving the honeybee, which I followed up on with a post of my own. Anyway, I also love your base. With a children's program I did, that is exactly what I used for the base. And why not!!! Great, creative fun. Keep it up!

  9. Hello, Libby
    I think I prefer the second one, even if the first one finish is better. I even prefer manual work, because digital work seems to lack ... i don't know how to say it in english... it lacks of soul (it is probably not the good word)

  10. I like both. Both highlight different areas of the art.


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