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Sunday, August 18, 2013

slow sunday stitiching ~ august 18, 2013

thinking of you Kathy.

it's sunday and i went back to work on my flower garden quilt. during the week i sewed  the necessary background hexies to the unit i wanted to add next so it was all ready to sew directly to the growing main body of the piece.  

slow stitching means slow progress but it definitely grew. if you are interested in seeing more slow stitching or in sharing/showing what you yourself are slow stitching then hop over to Kathy's Quilts for today's Slow Sunday Stitching event.


later on this evening i will get the label made and sewn onto my doll sized random sampler. i'm not sure why i always put labeling off but i won't cross this piece off of my list until the label is on. i need space on my list . . . more about that next week.

i know that this is not the best photo and you can only imagine the amount of cropping that i had to do but i am very excited to announce that i have baby fish in my pond~! they are fast, nervous and really really really TINY so getting a better shot was more than i had the patience for.
this one was in the process of darting from under one lily leaf to darting under another. the bigger fish in the pond don't have any problem with eating their own and so only the fastest, smartest and luckiest fish survive. in fact, i've had baby fish during almost every summer season but rarely do they live to be part of the regular population.
i discovered my baby fish while i was in the process of checking up on five new fish that i've purchased for the pond. they are only feeder fish size and mostly white. i'm happy to say that so far, they are all present and accounted for. i was careful to buy fish that i could identify in some way so that i could keep better track of them. so it was an additional surprise for me to find yet another mostly white small fish. this fish appears to be a surviving baby from earlier this summer(?). it is actually a bit bigger than my new five and luckily has slightly different markings than the rest of them.  i hadn't seen it until it started to hang around with them which is amazing given how much time i spend by the pond watching the fish. i was quite confused until i finally figured out what was going on.
i suppose it felt that there was strength in numbers and that with new fish friends in the pond that were closer to it's own size it could safely come out into the open.
happy days in the late summer pond~!
recent gifts include:
  • the population "explosion" within the pond
  • time in which to resume some art journaling
  • my daughter's trip to (and safe return from)Ireland
  • the doctor's approval of the continuing health of my new hips
  • fresh summer fruit



  1. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness ;)
    Hope you enjoyed your hand stitching today!
    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Congratulations on the new babies!!! Nature is such a miracle!!! thanks for sharing!

  3. Congrats on the fish! what a gift.
    I love the photos of your daisys. I don't have them anymore and miss them.
    I love the "bee" fabric with the letters - its awesome!
    glad you had a nice weekend.


  4. Fish Babies!!! Thats so adorable. All the photos that you have shared are so nice and captivating.

    Also I am sure how happy it would have made you to take your first look at the baby fishes <3
    Jessica x

  5. Love the daisies and the hexies.

  6. Hello!! How fun to have fish babies, soooo cute!! So glad you had time for the hexagons again this week, lovely. The daisies are gorgeous!! I love the way you write down your recent gifts. I like doing this too, it's a nice reminder each day to look for the simple pleasures in life.
    Thanks for the visit to my blog and have a great week.

    Beautiful photo in the above post!

  7. Daisies are my favorite flowers - what a beautiful shot!
    Love your hexie project. The slowness of it is one of the things I like about hand stitching.
    Interesting story about the fish - I hope they are all survivors!
    Make that two beautiful daisy photos!

  8. your work is so even. did you make it with a needle, or with a sewing machine

  9. thank you Isabelle.
    all of the work within this post is done by hand.



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