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Sunday, August 4, 2013

slow sunday stitching ~ august 4, 2013

 today i've been finishing up my current set of prayer flags. i'll send one of them to my mom and hang the other on my front porch. i always make two very similar flags at a time; it seems like a good way for me to remember the other person in my thoughts and prayers.

i'm joining up with Kathy at Slow Sunday Stitching where she has a gorgeous hand pieced and appliqued block posted. there are other slow stitchers with beautiful work to show if you are interested in checking it all out.

this is my wonderful daughter's july postcard.  i included bits of garbage that were collected while she was home for the fourth of july holiday as well as some alphabet brads, a stitched felt watermelon, and a smashed ginger ale bottle cap  (from our own holiday table) with stitched sunny "rays". all placed onto a background woven out of skinny red, white and blue fabric strips. i randomly embroidered the strips to hold them in place and there is a blanket stitched edging around the whole thing. i used the "spine" of the blanket stitch to add more embroidery stitches around the outside of the card.
i mentioned to her that i thought this card was a bit chaotic/busy looking and she responded by saying that  that was also a good demonstration of the fourth of july holiday.
recent gifts include:
  • this weekend quietly spent with my daughter; pleasant chatter and some time for identifying the resident humming birds
  • playing peek-a-boo with a cicada. it seemed very interested in hiding from me until it heard the clicking of my camera lens
  • numerous white lilies blooming on the surface of the pond
  • the gold fish willingly eating from my hands
  • the taste and look of heirloom tomatoes
  • homemade vanilla bean frozen yogurt


  1. What a wonderful thoughtful idea! So cute too!

  2. Your prayer flags are wonderful!!! My mom would love something like that ♥ And the postcard - how creative and delightful!!!

  3. Thanks for linking up your hand stitching.
    I would love to see how you will hang up the prayer flag... can you give some tips on that?

    1. this prayer flag and the other's that i have made have a bit of the fabric looped up and over the top and then sewn down on the backside which creates a small finished hanging sleeve on the top backside. i'm currently sliding mine onto a clothesline style decoration on one of my front porch walls but a dowel or a twig could be inserted and used as a way to hang it as well.

      i will take and post some photos of the back side as well as the flags hanging so that you can see what i'm attempting to explain.


  4. Your flags are gorgeous! They remind me of Julie Arkell's art! Your daughter is a blessed woman, receiving those amazing postcards!
    I always like reading your list of blessings, Libby Q!

  5. Your WD postcard is absolutely wonderful! I love all the little bits, love the water melon and letters.
    Beautiful prayer flag.

  6. What a fabulous post! Your thoughtfulness as you make not one, but two flags. And I especially love the terrific postcards you manage to crank out for your amazing and very lucky daughter. You are very special and this wss just the post I needed to start my day. Thank you. Much aloha to you.

  7. Good idea to make two prayer flags. For remembrance and also because they are so beautiful. Love your daughter's july postcard especially the stitched watermelon. It does have a lot going on and that makes it interesting to look at.
    This is the first year I've noticed a hummingbird perched on our serviceberry tree. Unfortunately, both times I didn't have my glasses on! Usually, I see them hovering around the flowers. Awesome little birds!

  8. Sweet prayer flag pairs. Very meaningful to think of the other person as you stitch. Another fabulous post card filled with special representation.

  9. Lovely work! I had to laugh when you said you used some garbage...none of it looks like trash to me!!

  10. A lovely post - peaceful and thoughtful.


  11. Beautiful prayer flags and fun July postcard. I love all the detail in that piece.


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