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Sunday, August 11, 2013

slow sunday stitching ~ August 11, 2013



i've been thinking
about my hexie project a lot lately and wondered if i could get it out and figure out where i was quickly enough to make it my slow sunday stitching project. it was surprisingly organized. i had a pin in it where i felt the next flower unit should go and i even had it all picked out. everything was ready in a matter of minutes so i sat down and began stitching. 

and now the piece is just a bit bigger than it was.

i think that this might be the next hexie sewn in . . .

  i'm once again linking up with Kathy at Slow Sunday Stitching. it's always fun to see who else has linked up and what they are working on.

i'm also linking up with Our Beautiful World. i like the friendly atmosphere there and i can share my world as seen through my lens with others who want to learn, share and inspire each other.
there is a prompt each week and this week it is "wonder".
when i look that word up in the dictionary one of the definitions is "exciting amazement or admiration".
that's exactly how i feel when i see things through the world of macro photography.


last week i was asked about the way that i hang my prayer flags and so i thought i would share the backside of this one and talk about it a little.

i follow the basic instructions on making a prayer flag from the prayer flag project blog.
i should say loosely follow those instructions. sometimes my flags are a slightly different size depending on what i find to make the flag out of. i enjoy making this an intuitive process so i keep my rules minimal.
 i do make the flag longer than necessary as i fold the top down in the back to form a little sleeve. i invisibly stitched this one and then embroidered a feather stitch over the top of the seam.

i like to add a patch onto the back that has the prayer of serenity printed on it.
stitching a bell onto the bottom of my prayer flags makes it an auditory reminder as well as a visual  one. 
btw: if you know where i can find more bells similar to this please let me know. i just happened to have a few and a they are nearly all gone.

i add my initials and the number of the flag on the back. the capital T that you see after the number indicates that this flag has a twin. i'm not sure why i do it this way . . . but it seems right.

currently i hang mine at the entrance of our home. i have a sort of clothes line thing going on there right now and i fill it with a variety of things that i enjoy. sometimes seasonal. i created this for the prayer flags in particular but until it's full of prayer flags i'll continue to add other bits.
i have also seen the prayer flags hung using a branch from the garden. i think that's a great idea too.

recent gifts include:
  • breathing fresh air
  • clean running water. hot or cold or anything in between!
  • seeing colors 



  1. Love your blog today! Great pics and great ideas! I checked out "Our Beautiful World"...lovely! I am thinking of joining the group too...How current do photos have to be...can they be taken in the past..if they fit the word of the week?

  2. It is powerful thinking to explore the WONDER that surrounds us. Your macro photos are more beautiful magnification. Love the prayer flags. I'll keep an eye out for the bells.

  3. First of all, I would like to say "WELCOME" to link up with Our Beautiful World, your macro shot is amazing. I love your hexie project too, I did something smaller than yours before, and now you have inspired me to start a new one, thanks for the link as well, I did check it out following your leads, it is wonderful!
    Last but not least, your prayer flags are awesome, I also love the entrance decor, beautiful!
    Thanks once again for joining us this week at Our Beautiful World!

  4. your prayer flags are so lovely - I wish I could hear them ringing.
    Love hexies set in the shirting. They are so sweet!

  5. Your hanging flags and decor is so lovely!! It was very nice to see my flag "twin'! Check World Market for little imported inexpensive bells. I think that is where I got mine to add to the one you made for me.
    Good job on the hexagons, it is very pretty. I love your macro too!

  6. Oh my! I love your little clothes line, how welcoming! Your hexies are adorable!

  7. What a wonderful post to read! LOVE your prayer flags and the creative display at the entrance to your home is so warm and inviting...just love it!
    Enjoy your hexies...they look very organized and relaxing!

  8. The flags are lovely! The air is so sweet right now! I'm thankful like you are!

  9. How beautiful these are! I am in total love of your prayer flags and how beautifully dis[layed they are in your entrance. This has been a very inspiring post! Thanks so much for sharing it with us at OBW!!!

  10. Libby thanks for sweet comment on my embroidery, your prayer flags are so beautifully made and the hang perfect with the other things.

  11. Oh wow... I'm in total awe both because of your macro shot and because of your stitched projects. I love love love macros (just found that feature on my camera and can't stop using it, lol). The prayer flags are so gorgeous. The prayer you used is actually one of my all time favourites, it's very dear to me. What a great idea to put it on a handmade prayer flag. Thank you for sharing your beauties with us at OBW and a big warm welcome to you :) Hugs, Wendy

  12. Hi Libby, just came back to say that I'm happy I found Kathy's Slow Stitching Sunday by your post :) Just did my first link up (although it's not Sunday anymore...) and am sure to join in more often. Thank you! Hugs

  13. I found your blog through "Our Beautiful World" Your work looks amazing. I love your Prayer flag. I did a Prayer flag swap about a year ago. But they are all in storage now. So glad I stopped by.


  14. I love these prayer flags. yours are so pretty. I like the way you have personalized them.

  15. WOW!. Beautiful shot of the flower & pollen!. LOVE the hex patchwork project, I made one when I was in my teens and brings back sweet memory when I see yours :). Beautiful stitching on the prayer flags too, even the back side of them looks lovely. Thanks for sharing your story with us at OBW! :)

  16. What beautiful work you do ... and I have to agree with you on the macro shots ... that photo is awesome! Thanks so very much for sharing your world with us at Our Beautiful World ... have a beautiful day

  17. What a lovely surprise coming here! Love your macro photo - nature is soooo amazing! What you are doing with your quilting - is on my bucket list... and I'm thoroughly enjoying looking at your work!! It's very inspiring - and one day (when life is not so full) I'll have a basket full of hexies too!

  18. How lovely to combine quilt blocks and prayer flags.

  19. So many WONDERful things on your post. I love the prayer flags so much and the poem. Good luck with your hexagons, so pretty. WOW, the macro shot is awesome. Thanks for sharing so many goodies with us today!

  20. That macro really took my breath away! Such a wonderful shot. Your "slow stitching project" amazes me... I am not a stitcher at all and when I see such great projects, I'm always awed.

  21. Nice pollen!


  22. Your hexies look great and so do your prayer flags.


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