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Sunday, March 3, 2013

slow sunday stitching

digital art journal work/play

i created a texture from a photo that i took of one of my beautiful vintage tablecloths and then i blended in another layer consisting of a cropped bit from a shot of one of my fabric postcards . . . still playing with this page but i thought i'd share what i've done so far.

this a.m. i've woken up to a grey sky but rather than snow falling we have light rain. perhaps . . .

i've decided to link up with Kathy at Kathy's Quilting for slow sunday stitching today.
i am seeing the last few stitches into the binding of my 'Abundance' doll quilt. 

i should be able to get a label onto it later today and then give it a bath. i like to see the puckers that washing and drying give to my quilts.
stay tuned, i'll show it in it's completed glory in my next post.

be sure you check out what else is being stitched on this stitchy sunday.

recent gifts include:

  • watching the snow slowly melt and thinking about the flowers that are beginning to awaken down in the soil. i may not see them yet, but i know that they stir upwards.
  • hearing my wonderful daughter's voice on the phone as she tells me about her days
  • the taste of dark chocolate


  1. Love the stitched flowers in your digital art piece.
    ENjoy your binding!
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

  2. Busy! Busy!! And lovely work, as usual!! Aren't we the lucky ones who have so many things to do??? I really feel for those who have no interests especially in the wonderful world of creativity!! I have more things in my head than I can possible get done in one life time!!!

  3. Lovely work! So nice to be inside snug when it is still cold outdoors. C'mon spring!

  4. I love a lazy Sunday of stitching. I finished hand quilting a small quilt too. And guess what....I have a very large plastic glass on my sewing table filled (well it was at one time..filled that is) with dark chocolate Hershey's Kisses. I love what you are doing with your photography. Hugs

  5. Can't wait to see all of "Abundance". You are such a tease with your cropped photos!
    Love what you've done so far with your art photo.
    Are those paint chips?

  6. Enjoy the binding. I love the feel of a freshly washed and dried quilt. So soft and cuddly.

  7. A lovely post! You have definitely come full circle on this texture thing.. how wonderful that you are creating your own (something I've only thought about and pondered.. lol). Fantastic creations, as always. -tammy


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