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Thursday, March 7, 2013

photo art friday

 it's time for the Photo Art Friday challenge over at Pixel Dust Photo Art where the optional theme/challenge this week was to create an image using one of her textures and a photo of my own. i decided to go abstract this week with my entry. 

Bonnie freely offered up
this texture for those who
might wish to use it.
she calls it "Gift". 

i added this texture
that i created from
two of my own images
and created the above abstract piece. i did some doubling up and flipping as well as some filter adjustments in order to get the final result.
i'm not sure i'm any good at 'abstract' but i had fun giving it a go.
as promised here is my finished and newly washed 'Abundance' doll quilt.
the 'Abundance' quilt-along was sponsored by Lori at Humble Quilts and was great fun.
the light is a little harsh in this photo and the colors and contrasts aren't perfect but this is pretty close.
i enjoyed this one and really appreciated that it was a simple one this time. Thank You Lori~!
Lori just happens to have some really cute little quilts (within a recent post) that she has made recently for the benefit of the AAQI. it's my understanding that they are on their way to this amazing organization and will be posted for sale in the near future. you may or may not be inclined to purchase any one of them but if you want to see how cute they are pop over there and take a look . . . it's like a tiny quilt show~!

i recently decided to follow along with Cheri on her three part primitive  SAL on quiltsbycheri. i happened to have some nine patches laying around and they were very close to the size suggested so i played along. as it turned out i really only had time for the first of the three  little quilts but i now have it sewn up and ready for some hand quilting. i'll show you more of that one on a later post.

i recently visited Tammy at Flat Creek Farm and was delighted by some bird watching that she has shared.  she discovered a way to slow down the speed of the video and she has added some beautiful music to them creating a couple of totally magical shorts that really should not be missed~! if you follow only one link from this post, make it one of these because it will totally change your day.

recent gifts include:
  • snuggling with the grand dog
  • beginning the spring decorating
  • seeing the crocus, daffodils and iris all beginning to send up their first green shoots
  • the geese that have become regular visitors to the neighborhood


  1. Fantastic quilty art and the abstract piece is beautiful.

  2. Abundance came out great. After washing, it looks so vintage.
    Interesting fabrics in the nine patches...looking forward to seeing what they become.

  3. Gosh Libby! Your Abundance is so crinkly and cute. That's the way a doll quilt should be! Nothing feels better than having some blocks lying around the house ready for another quilt. Cheri does primitive so well!

  4. How can so much goodness be in one post?!Love your Abundance quilt and the quilting gives it such appeal!!
    Love the little 9 patch quilts that Cheri shared.
    Fun bird video to watch this morning!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Cool bird video! - Tiffanny

  6. I love this. and of course the rest of your post always makes me enJOY possibilities BEyond the digital fiddling!!

    I will check out the link but right at this moment I am headed out for a few hours of errands. it will BE wonderful to pick up here, where I'm leaving off!!

  7. The "Abundance" doll quilt is sweet - sure to make some doll very happy!

  8. visiting your blog I am always in awe of your quilts. I have started sewing myself (finally) and it is going very slow and painful sometimes!
    I am always inspired by you and want to do better job! Thank you!

  9. Cool stuff!

    Btw, I hope you enjoy the chocolate drink. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. My blog has been suffering neglect of late and I figured I had lost everyone by now. lol

    In answer to your question (though I believe you were just 'thinking out loud'), I often add plain or flavored yogurt to my smoothies, so I'm sure it would work fine, and yogurt adds some froth and thickness. :-)


  10. I love your doll quilt. I think the minis are harder to make than full size quilts with all those tiny pieces.

  11. So much creative energy here!!! Love your abstract piece of photo art.

  12. Hi dear Libby Q!
    Oh, that little mini quilt is GORGEOUS! Everything you create is wonderful!
    We are getting a snow storm tomorrow. I hope the little green shoots still plan on popping up!

  13. Your quilt along piece turned out so great. I love the texture and the top and bottom borders.
    Really cool photo textures!
    I love readying your list of recent gifts - looks like spring is coming.

  14. I adore your blog. Your Abundance turned out so nice. I want to make another one myself and add borders to the top and bottom like you did. Hugs

  15. Love your Abundance quilt. You did a lovely job quilting it. I would never have thought of doing it your way. Thanks for teaching me something. I need to think outside the box more.
    Looking forward to seeing what you do with those fabulous 9-patches.
    The video link was awesome. The birds look so graceful in slow motion.
    It definitely felt like spring here today. We got a head start on the yard work. I soaked up the sun's rays. The dogs enjoyed it, too

  16. You did a great job on your PAF piece. I like your added texture. It gave this a very interesting look.
    Sweet little quilt too.

  17. Interesting abstract piece. I wonder how it would do as a texture itself. Might work well for adding a vintage or grunge feel.

  18. your doll quilt is so sweet. love reading your "gifts"

  19. Thank you for that sweet shout-out and linkage :) I always enjoy your artwork and quilts.. just beautiful! One of my favorite parts of your posts: gifts. I have thought about adding something like this for a long time.. maybe it's time ;) Thanks for the gift of this post, and have a great weekend! -Tammy


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