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Saturday, February 23, 2013

a giveaway announcement and a new orchid

there's a new orchid in the house~!~ 
 isn't is beautiful? it's an oncidium "twinkle fragrance fantasy". whenever i get a new orchid i wonder if i will be able to keep it growing, and even better, get it to re bloom. i have failed more times than i have succeeded but my phalaenopsis (moth orchid) is just now beginning to present a stem with a few buds so apparently i continue to succeed with that one.
 i decided to use a crop from the above photo for the Photo Art Friday challenge over at Pixel Dust Photo Art where the optional theme/challenge this week is to share a piece of photo art based on any of these words: connected/connecting/connection.
Bonnie has once again freely offered up one of her beautiful textures for those participating. this one is called "Scratched Lens Texture" and i thought that it was very pretty. 

Scratched Lens Texture
Oncidium Photo Crop
Photo Art Friday
connected challenge

i cannot remember exactly what i did with the various blending modes but i am happy with the final image.

it feels good for me to be 'connecting' with the PAF group once again.
maybe you would like to see some of the other submissions to this weeks' challenge? there are many talented artists submitting to the theme and it's well worth a few minutes of your time if you are interested in photography and/or the image artwork created from it.

february's postcard for the wonderful daughter has been received and so i'm once again sharing those results.

there is a small pocket made of a torn bit of wax paper stitched onto this card. the pocket holds a tiny metal key charm, dried lavender buds, a piece of sheet music with a small red heart shaped bead stitched onto it and a tiny fabric/paper tag. the tag has been embroidered and written on (both sides) and is attached to the postcard by way of that small pink triangular button and some pastel thread.

i've been working on my little 'Abundance' doll quilt and although i don't have any 'master' quilting plan in place it seems that i've been able to come up with a  design for each area as i get to it. i like the look of the playful childishness of this approach and it's all coming together nicely. 
i hope that you were able to see some of the other cute doll quilts made from this most recent quilt-along at Lori's Humble Quilts blog.

Cathy at Big Lake Quilter is hosting a generous give-away of a book by the Country Threads team called "Dear Emma". i love the look of all things Country Threads and if you do as well you might consider hopping over to Cathy's for a chance to win yourself

recent gifts include:
painting done by Torrie Smiley
  • restful nights in a bed that i feel comfortable in
  • word from Honduras that the wonderful daughter's host parents are doing well
  • the joy and appreciation that i feel for my capable hands while i stitch or hold a pencil or pet the dog . . .


  1. I love your orchid! And the artwork you created with it is beautiful. Thank you for visiting my blog :)

  2. You've been busy. Love the orchid photo with the texture, it would make a beautiful card. Gorgeous post card, all those little details are fabulous!

  3. beautiful new orchid! I have tried and tried but I have no luck with them.
    The photo is pretty.
    I adore your February Post Card! Your daughter must have loved it. The little pocket is so sweet!

  4. Good morning! I love your latest photo image. Your orchid is amazing! I've never had one in my house before.
    Love the card for your DD- so sweet!! You are using pearl cotton for your abundance hand quilting?

  5. Hi sweet Libby Q! I'm so happy to hear that all is well.
    Your daughter's postcard is beautiful!
    I'm thankful for our bed, too!

  6. You always have such pretty posts. Your photography and stitching are wonderful. Love the card - what a tiny swett pocket wish.
    Take care.

  7. Thanks so much for mentioning my giveaway. I love your orchid and that final picture is amazing. Is that printed on fabric? It would make a beautiful quilt. I love how the quilting is going on your Abundance quilt. I just quilted a little quilt using pearl cotton and love how it looks. Hugs

  8. lovely!! I am pretty clueless about orchids but they surely are BEautimous!! enJOYed wandering about your post. feels cozy here ;~D

  9. Great post! I love orchids! I do not have an orchid green thumb, however! But, I do have a large orchid that I won at a charity auction that still has green leaves. An orchid farmer told me to just whack off the dead stalk at the base after the flower dropped off. It killed me to do it, but the large green leaves are thriving, and there seems to be new growth...YAY!!!

    Love your postcards...lucky daughter...I think I will send a decorated envie to my lovely daughter today!!! Thank you and keep up the beautiful work!

  10. Blogger won't let me comment on your blog this evening I just wanted to say,
    I love the piece you submitted for PAF (which is where I am visiting from). You have some gorgeous things to look at in this post! I have my very first orchid in the house at the moment. I haven't a clue about it but it looks beautiful and is very photogenic. I love, love, love the postcard.


  11. Your orchids are lovely and that texture is one of my favorites. (Perfect for upcoming Spring colors). While I wish I could see just a bit more detail of the petals, the combined effects give a wonderful dream like feeling to the piece.

  12. I love the picture/photo of your orchid and the altered pic with the overlay!! A true work of art!! And what a lucky daughter to receive such a lovely and lovingly made postcard!!

  13. Your altered orchid is a fantasy come true! And as always, the postcards just make me so envious of your artistic talents.

  14. Beautiful PAF piece! I love the original image, and your use of texture is lovely.

  15. the final result with the orchid picture est really fabulous. great work !

  16. The new orchid does look awfully pretty!

  17. Lovely orchid. I've tried with two orchids and neither survived. I should try again. Your photo art is lovely.
    What detail on your daughter's February postcard! I especially like the little pocket.
    Beautiful quilting on Abundance - yes, playful with the star. I like your method of deciding as you go.
    Love the texture and subject of the painting.
    Hope you continue to recover well from your surgery.


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