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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

TextureTuesday with Kim Klassen and some green goodness

i'm joining up with Kim Klassen for Texture Tuesday. today is the 'Anything Goes eDition' and i thought that i could use one of my own created textures and several different photos from within my archives and join in.
the base texture for this image is the same one i posted a few days ago.
it's always interesting to see all of the different talent that decides to join into this event.

i mentioned that my phalaenopsis (moth orchid) was  sending out some stalks with buds . . . no flowers yet, but i can be patient . . .
if you don't happen to be feeling that patient, check this out.

my small nine patch from Cheri's SAL is now basted but i can't seem to get serious about choosing and starting the quilting.
maybe i'm a little distracted by the seasonal changes . . .

recent gifts include:
  • waking up to sunshine
  • hearing the birds celebrating that sunshine in all out spring song
  • seeing a few gold fish in the pond as they begin to feel a bit warmer and move around more

can anyone guess what this last shot is? i'll send a small sweet surprise to whomever guesses correctly first. (within the comments)


  1. I love the first photo.
    The last photo looks like Sedum 'Autumn Joy' .

  2. So many things to see ... Sorry I'm not good with plants! Cheri's quilt looks great! Thanks for coming by my blog and your comments.

  3. Pansies popping up? Sweet peas?
    I couldn't find sweet pea seeds at the grocery. Sad! I must venture forth to the garden center!

  4. I will guess Ranunculus.
    Spring is in full swing here in the desert. I need to capture some photos!

  5. I have no idea what plant that is peeping through, but I LOVE THE BIRDS on the opening photo.
    Cutest doll quilt - I love nine patches and the setting is really nice.

  6. That's what I'm calling a wee bit of spring coming from the ground! Woo-Hoo!!
    Love your little quilt and the pink you used is one of my favorites!!

  7. It looks like cabbage...LOL Love your Cheri quilt. It turned out nice. Your photo is as always...FANTASTIC. Hugs

  8. Beautiful photo! You do such varied things with your photo magic!
    Love the pink border and sashing on your 9-patch. To me, 9-patches call for simplicity.
    I have no clue what that is sprouting in your garden. Such a pretty shade of green.

  9. Love your little finches and your texture! Nicely done! The last shot looks like a sedum, but I don't know which variety.

  10. oh ! the first bud of the spring. here, they began to grow too, but we had a snow storm last week and all is stopped.

  11. I love your texture. Is it printed on cloth? It would make a wonderful picture, or set of pictures.

  12. Such a lovely photo + texture! Very talented, you are! When I grow up, I will make my own textures ;) or at least try! Darling quilt, and I have no idea what that last photo is...?? -Tammy


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