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Monday, February 4, 2013


a groundhog gets to decide~!?!~

Did the groundhog see his shadow on Saturday?
Punxsutawney Phil  announced, on Twitter no less(!), that he did not see his shadow on Gobbler's Knob on Groundhog Day, February 2, 2013.
so, if a prognosticating groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil is to be believed, it looks like spring will come early this year.

okay, i'm not complaining about spring coming early, that's all good. in fact, that's very good and i don't have a problem with groundhogs in general, but are we really going to let a groundhog decide how much more winter we have?

this is my Abundance quilt top after i added the step 2 pieces.

i did decide to add some borders to mine (top and bottom) but i'll show you that another time.

i'm sure that Lori (Humble Quilts). is going to have a linky party very soon and you will be able to see many of these cute little doll quilts~!

this is the wonderful daughter's january postcard. i used an old calendar card, a couple of small pieces of that bunny fabric that i love, a canceled norwegian postage stamp, a leftover piece of colorful fiber art that i created for some other project, pieces from a color catcher that i thought looked sort of leather(ish), a small snip from the scrap basket and a tiny piece of sage colored linen. of course i also added some spontaneous and quick embroidery stitches and to finish it off i bound it with a cotton linen look fabric.
the wonderful husband thought that this was not my best card but i think it's one of my favorites (maybe it's that cute bunny fabric) . . . what do you think?

while i'm on the subject of the wonderful daughter (i was, wasn't i?) i will show you a shot of my newest "grandpets".

yep, i'm now the proud grandmother of two baby/juvenile rats.
the black and white one has been named Norbert and the light tan one is SirEd.
 the black and white one has been named FurEd and the light tan one is Norbert. i've met them and although still a bit on the shy side they were quite sweet little fellows.
i hope to get more photos of them to share as time goes on.
btw: are you okay with pet rats?

recent gifts include:
  • feeling the warm sun shine on my skin
  • flowering houseplants bringing me smiles
  • the loud honking of the geese as they flew low over the house this morning

i will be much slower in my responses for the next few weeks but you should know that i appreciate every comment and visit that you make.


  1. I love the clean, modern feel of your Abundance quilt, even though your fabrics appear to be fairly traditional. Very striking! And I can see why you love the bunny fabric - it's charming!

  2. Your Abundance quilt is a cutie. Mine is also finished (quilt top) but I'll have to blog about it. Maybe when Lori invites us to a Link party! :)

  3. Your Abundance radiates! And another treasured postcard! Love how you combine all the different elements together! Spring has already arrived here in the desert. We had a good soaking last month, so we should be seeing our wildflowers soon...photo ops!

  4. I love your color choice with Abundance!! Very nice!! Not so much on the rats.... we had a gerbil when the kids were little.

  5. I find the groundhog day tradition rather odd. I'm okay with an early spring as long as I get a snowstorm before then. ; c )
    Love your version of abundance and am looking forward to Lori's linky party.
    I love that bunny fabric in your postcard, too. I love how you use little bits of this and that in your cards.
    To be truthful, I'm not fond of rats. My daughter wanted a guinea pig when she was in high school and I told her "I don't do rodents". We had 2 dogs so I didn't feel at all guilty. I guess it's a good thing for me that others do like rats, guinea pigs and the like!

  6. I love your lovely daughter postcards! Do you actually mail them? If so, how?

    Be well!


  7. Your Abundance quilt turned out nicely, very pretty. I like the January postcard, it has a timeless quality about it.

  8. I love your Abundance. It turned out great. The postcard it wonderful. I'm going to have to try making one soon. Take care....I'll be thinking of you. Hugs

  9. Yes, Ok with rats! In fact I have a few rat stories ;-)
    Love your Abundance quilt.
    Great post card - I love the texture in the composition.

  10. Hi Libby Q!
    Well, I don't really like rats, but those guys have cute faces!
    I hope you are quilting away, enjoying the sounds and sights of home, and feeling loved and appreciated. You are such a nice person.

  11. When I started reading your article, I did not understand the relationship between the groundhog and his shadow. and then I remembered this movie, where the main character always relives the same day. so, did the groundhog see his shadow ?


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