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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

TAST week 35 through 38 ~ the 15 Minute Challenge ~ Photo Art Friday

the top image was created using only my own photos and layers.

the bottom one uses my first created image plus a freebie layer (Heartache by the Numbers).  Bonnie at Pixel Dust Photo Art generously shared it.
i do like the complexity that it added to what i had already done. thank you Bonnie~!

both have been created in response to Photo Art Friday's challenge: (figure(s). you will find a button for this weekly event on my sidebar.

=  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  = =

once again i am presenting my photos/practice stitches from the TAST challenge hosted by sharon b at pintangle  as a group. rather than one week at a time. 
i have enjoyed the practice as well as learning some new stitches this year. time flies and we're already over the half way mark.

week 35 ~ sheaf stitch:

i added the sheaf stitch to the top of an already placed fly stitch. 

the photo to the right is the fly stitch (week 1 (in january) as it looked then.

anchor pearl cotton (sz 12) in red was again used as i experimented with the sheaf stitch. i elongated the center line (within my bundle of three). i like the way that it  turned out looking somewhat like a star. i also like the way that the two stitches merge together so well.

week 36 ~ catch up week/mini challenge for those who wished to participate: "Take 3 – 6 of the stitches we have have done so far and create an interesting visual piece . . ."

i had previously worked this bit of tangled feather stitching onto the wonderful daughter's stocking (week 3 (in january) and i decided to use it as baseline for this mini challenge.

this is the original stitching: a line of feather stitching in white and one in red ~ twisted together.

i added detached chain stitches and elongated the catch stitch so that it looked as if something was blossoming from the feather stitching.
i used a light weight (hand dyed) variegated thread.

the third stitch within this seam treatment was a very small french knot. i used a quilting thread in a maroon color and placed the knot at the tip of the rounded part of each of the detached chain stitches.

these additions didn't add a dramatic difference but i thought it did give this seam a bit more interest.

these are small stitches and you may want to click on the photos to see them better.

week 37 ~ pistil stitch:
this is an interesting stitch. i was aware of it but had never worked it before and it is a bit awkward at first but not really difficult.

i adore the whimsy it provided within this postcard seam that i worked it into.
i used a variety of strandable green threads that were in the bottom of my thread tin. a good way to use them up and sometimes i used different colors within the same needle. sometimes i used one strand but more often i used two.

week 38 ~ drizzle stitch: i didn't stretch the drizzle stitch out there as far as i should have and in my example it really doesn't look much different than a french knot.
now if i'd made a weeping willow type of tree . . . that would have been a much better example of this stitch. maybe next time.
it did add a nice dimensional quality to this stamped topiary.
i used a lightweight hand dyed variegated thread and stitched onto an in process fabric postcard.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

i continue to meet my daily goals with Kate for the fifteen minute challenge.
the christmas stockings/TAST are just one of the projects that i work on.
currrently i'm also quilting a birthday table runner and stitching madly away on a couple of different post cards.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

recent gifts include:
  • watching the bright leaves begin their swirling dances as they fall from the trees
  • a moonlight barbecue for two
  • the distinctive shapes of stems and flower/seed heads bringing a whole new season of beauty
  • a warm sun in a cloudless blue sky 


  1. Just love all the different stitches .. and I thought embroidery was boring. Was I wrong!! Beautiful stitching.

  2. Hello dear Libby Q!
    Your fine stitches are always very soothing!
    I'm happy about the falling leaves. A moonlit BBQ? HOW lovely!
    Sending lots of cheer your way, dear friend!

  3. Amazing! Your stitches completely blow me away! You've done a terrific job of keeping up and showing your work.
    Love your photos as well!!

  4. Okay, I've never met you, but somehow I can see you "stitching madly away" . Love the addition to the feather stitching and that sheaf stitch is simply beautiful. I'm content with just doing hand piecing and quilting, but I also enjoy seeing the textured stitching you create. Lovely!

  5. Beautiful stitching! What you did with combining all those stitches in week 36 looks really nice.

    Love your intro photo art too. Very nicely done.

  6. what a lovely post.
    The photo is so special. It looks like a wise father bending down to speak to a child. Don't know why, but that is what I see.
    Your stitching continues to amaze me.
    I love the topiary tree - so sweet - and the pistil stitch speaks to me. very sweet and organic.
    lovely LibbyQ!!

  7. Withered flowers are beautiful, and you gave them a great background too!

  8. You are so talented, I love the stitches with the words too, such great detailing, so clever :)

  9. Wow - where to start? The photo treatments are amazing! Whatever were you worried about? :) You have such a great eye. I am really in awe of your needlework! Intricate and beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing your talents with Photo Art Friday, LibbyQ

  10. Thank you so much for your response.Gorgeous photos!As always your needlework is amazing,so beautiful My Dear,hugs to you Denise

  11. wow! your piece for Bonnie's theme is wonderful but I am so impressed by your stitching work!! they are all amazing!

  12. breathtaking and gorgeous too!! I love the photos; they DO seem like an elder speaking to a young one. what an altogether enlightening post, for me, she who does NOT stitch at all... you make it look amazingly fun, though.

  13. Fabulous work all the way around. I love your Sunflower piece and the way you edited. Both are quite lovely.
    Your stitch work is awesome and Iloved reading your "recent gifts" - What a special thing to do.

  14. Hello, Dear! I've just found your lovely blog...so nice to meet you! Your stitchery is amazing!! (LOVE the sunflower photo, too!) I'm now following you, as well ~ ♥

  15. I love your textured images and your stitch work is lovely!

  16. I love the effect of the interlaced feather stitches with different colors

  17. Hi Libby, love your digital piece so well done, and your embroideries all are so beautifully made.


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