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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

TAST/week 42 - a dolly quiltalong flimsy - The 15 Minute Challenge - Photo Art Friday

this week's optional prompt at Photo Art Friday is "derelict". 
i went back into my archived photos and found this shot of a rusty old rake laying on the ground. i have added an additional layer which helped to amplify the shadows, which i thought was appropriate to the impression that i wished to create, but is otherwise invisible.



1. left or deserted, as by the owner or guardian; abandoned.

2. neglectful of duty; delinquent; negligent.


3. a person abandoned by society, especially a person without a permanent home and means of support; vagrant.

4. Nautical . a vessel abandoned in open water by its crew without any hope or intention of returning.

personal property abandoned or thrown away by the owner.

there are some amazingly talented and creative people participating in Bonnie's weekly challenge at Pixel Dust Photo Art . Bonnie is very supportive and encouraging as are the other participants. consider joining in if you have photo art interests of your own.

this week for the 15 minute challenge i had a perfect week with work happening on all seven days. i quilted on my contemporary/modern piece, practiced the TAST stitch, did some postcard stitching, and best of all, assembled the blocks (from Lori's dolly quilt quiltalong) into a flimsy.
 i sort of snuck this project in between some other things i had planned simply because i couldn't resist it. i'm really glad that i did because it turned out so cute. i still haven't decided on what i will do for borders but i'm considering allowing the (red) binding serve as a finish point. it will be a while before i get to quilting it.
Lori of Humble Quilts always does a terrific job with these doll quilt quiltalongs and this one was no different. this time she used an antique/vintage quilt that she found and loved for inspiration. it is a simple but striking version of a log cabin.
i believe that Lori will be hosting a link party for this newest autumn quiltalong at some point this week and i can hardly wait to see what everyone else did with this fun pattern.

last weeks stitch for the TAST challenge hosted by sharon b at pintangle was a variation of the fly stitch. i decided to practice it on a seam within a postcard that i am working on. it will be a surprise for someone special so i won't show you the whole thing just yet.

week 42 ~ italian knotted border stitch: i used two strands of a cotton floss in variegated oranges. i separated the strands and then recombined them in such a way that each strand shifted colors in different places. this gave me added color variation within the stitch and is something that i do frequently.

i worked the stitch once going in one direction (shown on the right side of the above photo) and then turned the work and worked the stitch again with the stitches going into the other direction (shown on the left side of the above photo). i think the finished effect is sort of zipper like.
recent gifts include:
  • having a few moderate days to get some fall cleanup done in the yard/garden
  • the fragrance of sagebrush as it gets rained on
  • a long phone conversation with a distant friend


  1. Cute little log cabin :)


  2. Your doll quilt came along nicely! Cannot wait to see the postcard.

  3. love the rusty rake photo - haunting and interesting.
    Your quilt along turned out great! What a nice mix of fabrics and a great red.

  4. Love your little log cabin! I think the rake photo has a bit of a Halloween look - like there's a story there some place.
    Beautiful stitches!

  5. Like the trace of green paint on that rake and it's very artfully photographed.
    Love your dolly quilt. I think a red binding is all it needs.

  6. The doll quilt is really nice!! Red binding would be perfect....what are the dimensions?

  7. Love your log cabin doll quilt, it's so very cute! Clever way to do the border stitch, it looks great. Congrats on a very productive week!

  8. Hi Libby Q! The quilt is so cute! I love it! It really is fascinating!
    Those stitches look so tricky!
    I'm glad you are smelling the sagebrush! How lovely!

  9. Love your Mountain Trail. It's really a handsome quilt. Fab work as usual!

  10. love your quilt, oh my you have some wonderful older favorite fabrics in yours!!!!
    I need to make this too. thanks for the inspiration

  11. That border stitch is awesome!!! Love your version of Mountain Trail - wide variety of interesting fabrics.

  12. What a great post, an old, rusty derelict rake which I love and beautiful stitching which I also love! visiting from PAF.

  13. What a delightful post! Love the rake with its rust and shadows. I so admire your needlework skills and the patience it must take to make such large pieces!

  14. as always I am in awe of your stitches and the picture for Bonnie's theme is perfect!!!

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  16. that is such a clever thing, adding a second layer to amplify the shadows!! I only wish I could learn so much from your stitchery!!! wonderfully diverse and amazing work!!

  17. Love your Photo Art Friday image - it fits the theme perfectly. I enjoyed seeing your stitching, too!

  18. Wow, that stitching is amazing Libby, you are so talented :)

  19. Nice piece for PAF - The shadows look great with that old rake, which is pretty cool looking as well.
    Oh that Orange Stitching looks pretty. Love varigated colors.

  20. Love your quilt! it is so colorful and so like some my grandmother used to make!

  21. Hi Libby, what a creative gal you are. I love your image of the rake and your little quilt is darling. Have a great weekend!

  22. Only a photographer would think to take a photo of a rusty rake! I love it!!

    Your mountain trails quilt is lovely!! Such a beautiful variety of scraps!

    Italian knotted border stitch? Awesome!!

  23. ..great photo to put on a farmhouse wall...any wall;)

  24. I love your Mountain Trails quilt! So much variety in your darks- I was a bit afraid to use yellow/gold but it works just great in yours :0)

  25. I really like your Mountain Trails doll quilt. You are a very creative person! Wow! I like your photography skills.

  26. Love your Mountain Trail, very beautiful post. XXX

  27. What a great variety of scraps in your mountain trail!


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