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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

TAST week 31~34 and the 15 minute challenge as well as Photo Art Friday


this image began in my garden with a macro of a kale plant . . .
the fish was a fabulous freebie from Deviant Scrap.
i'm becoming a little more relaxed within my photoshop elements program but it seems to take enormous amounts of time to complete anything. i'm sure that's because i don't read quite enough and choose to randomly experiment most of the time. it is loads of fun though~!!~

spontaneously linking up with photo art friday this week.

Photo Art Friday

i have another group of photos/practice stitches from the TAST challenge hosted by sharon b at pintangle. remember that i'm quite late getting the TAST work posted and the stitching was done several weeks ago but it's been a great way to practice some stitches that i'm familiar with, learn some new stitches and keep me going on the christmas stockings that i hope to be 'hanging by the chimney with care' this upcoming holiday season . . . can you believe it's already late september~!?!

week 31~ algerian eye stitch:
i used a gold colored silk thread (24 wt) and placed this stitch on my wonderful daughter's stocking. i've once again positioned the stitch within a lace piece that has been sewn onto the stocking. i like the way that this area is beginning to look. each new stitch adding another layer of complexity to the area.

this is also true of an area within my own stocking that i have added a bit of vintage antique lace collar to. . .
week 32~cast on stitch: i've used a white pearl cotton (sz 12) and this has created a white on white effect, adding a raised textural quality to a section of the collar.

i've include a before (right) and after (left) shot for comparison.

once i figured it out i had an easy time with it and decided to also practice/use it within a fabric postcard that i was working on at the time for my mom's birthday.

i think that this stitch is really pretty and potentially quite versatile. i will definitely be using it again.
week 33~pekinese stitch:
now you are going to think that i'm using the same photo as in week 31 because i once again added onto that bit of lace that is part of wonderful daughter's stocking. if you look closely you will see a subtle addition. i used a heavy white cotton as the back stitched portion of the pekinese stitch and 3 strands of metallic red thread for the woven/looped part of the stitch. i worked this stitch with the stocking upside down so that the "line" created by the red metallic stitches was not interfering with the previously placed  buttonhole wheel stitch (week 24).
i practiced this one first and used several different threads/colors within the practices to get a feel for what i could do with it.
a mid weight single strand of orange cotton
spacing the two components of the stitch differently

a mid weight single strand of purple cotton
once again altering the spacing within the stitch


a mid weight single strand of red cotton
this time keeping the components of the stitch equal

in the end i used two strands of a variegated "rainbow tweed". a mixed fiber (44% cotton, 39% wool, 17% acrylic) thread with a distinct wool like character varying the two parts of the stitch only slightly.
this stitch was placed on my stocking. you'll notice that i hid the beginning part (looks like a pitch fork) of the stitch behind a bit of lace. i thought it a bit awkward and not at all like the rest of the stitches.
i will probably build off of this area with other stitches yet to come . . .
i continue to meet my daily goals with Kate for the fifteen minute challenge  (despite my not linking up as frequently as i should) and have worked on numerous projects while doing so.
thank you Kate~!!~
one of those projects has been a christmas stocking that i made and embellished for another community fundraiser. it won't go up for auction until mid october and hopefully someone will see it as a great way to get a jump on their holiday buying. it's just short of 20 inches long and i'm wondering what sorts of surprises i should fill it with . . .
recent gifts include:
  • a trip out of town (included time with the wonderful daughter, a movie and dinner) to celebrate wonderful husbands birthday
  • time to play in my photoshop program
  • lots of generously shared juicy ripe pears 


  1. Wow! All those fancy stitches are looking wonderful!! What terrific pieces to put all that work into.
    Good to see a blog post. Looks like you've been having some fun.

  2. All your stitches are wonderful embellishments to your stockings. And that little fundraiser stocking is to die for. I know it will fetch a handsome price.

  3. LOVE that stocking! It doesn't matter what you fill it with! I love the red and light blue color combo. Another winner for your community.

  4. Love the embroidery stitches, I just tend to stick to my favourites.

  5. Hi Libby Q!
    Your stitching is so precise, so absolutely breathtaking!
    That stocking is a treasure!
    Yes, fall is here and I'm so happy!
    Thank you very much for the birthday wishes!

  6. You do some very amazing hand work. Love the stocking!

  7. Wow, the stocking is absolutely gorgeous! I wish I could hold it and study your stitches.
    Your photo is really interesting and I just love it. I am a total amateur in photo shop, and I found it difficult, so hats off to you for working with it and making beautiful images.
    All you stitching is wonderful! You have such a way with these fancy stitches.

  8. Love all your stitches! Your stockings are going to be beautiful heirlooms. Your auction stocking is cute too!

  9. Delicious color and light. Excellent and nice photo.

  10. Wow - you are one talented lady, Libby! Amazing how you have made kale look like coral and the addition of a fish is perfect. So pleased you shared this piece of Photo Art with Photo Art Friday.

  11. You are doing a fabulous job with photoshop, looks like we under the sea. Great job.

  12. amazing and inspiring all at once. love the quote in your photo, too. made me smile really BIG!!

  13. I love that little fish. Looks great. Well done.

  14. Couldn't find a place to comment on your Photo Art Friday so I am doing it here. I laughed when I read your comments about not reading enough and experimenting ... that is me. I only read the tutorials when I get stuck on something, otherwise it is all experimentation. I don't know if that is good or not, but it sure seems to work for you. Your photo is very interesting and artsy. I will have to come back and see what experimenting does for you over time. Thanks for the fun ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  15. Oh my goodness your PAF piece is fantastic. I love the use of the Kale plant as seaweed with your fish. So creative and clever.

    Your stitching is lovely. I am so NOT a sewer of any type so I admire those who are.

  16. Great work!! And thanks for your comments on my blog...my little frog quilt is about 18"...the show started today and I am getting ready to put a slide show together showing many of the quilts which I will post when I am finished.

  17. Very creative and a wonderful abstraction for PAF. Amazing. thanks so much for sharing. kareninkenai

  18. Yes! You are talented. I like your cute works :)

  19. It is strange. I thought I have still wrote a comment but I don't see it. Perhaps a bad manipulation.
    The photo at the head of your message is very amazing. At the first view, I really thought it was a sea creature.
    You have done a great job with the tast stitches. They are very nice, and so thin !


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