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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Take A Stitch Tuesday/week 41 ~ the 15 minute challenge report ~ Photo Art Friday

this week's optional prompt at Photo Art Friday is to use Bonnies "Leafy Landscape" within our own images. i decided to turn it into "Things That Go Bump In The Night"

if you enjoy photography and/or creating using a photo art program please think about joining in with many others on Bonnie's blog Pixel Dust Photo Art . Bonnie has beautiful layers that she often offers up as freebies, is very informative and is always very encouraging.

this weeks stitch for the TAST challenge hosted by sharon b at pintangle was a fairly simple one. i had a little bit of halloween fun with it~!
week 41 ~ knotted loop stitch: after practicing/playing with this stitch i thought i might be able to make a wee skeleton . . . i used a variegated brown Anchor pearl cotton thread (size 8) to create the spine and ribs.  i do realize that he/she (?!) is headless and has no bony fingers (!!) . . . i'm hoping to remedy this soon but for now i'm still rummaging through stuff (including my imagination) to find just the right bits.

i will also stitch in a background. what color(s) do you think i should use for the background? and do you have any fabulous ideas for a skull and bony fingers?

this week for the 15 minute challenge i almost had a perfect week. i missed tuesday due to a long day of travel and appointments. i took stitching with me and usually i can use at least some of the travel time for handwork but i was just too tired and slept instead.
on the other six days i did a lot of quilting on my contemporary/modern piece, practiced the TAST stitch, assembled some small basket blocks, worked on postcards, and had a good time putting together the blocks for a doll sized autumn quiltalong that i've joined over at Humble Quilts. Lori always uses an antique/vintage quilt that she has been inspired by for her doll quiltalong ideas. this one is a simple version of a log cabin block and i love the graphic appeal of it~! 

so here is my stack of teensy four patches.

and here is my stack of larger, but still pretty small (5") blocks.  i will be setting these just as Lori did for her example quilt which was also how the original quilt was set. i'm not sure about borders just yet . . . next week sometime there will be a link party for these small gems and i hope to have mine at the flimsy stage by then.

recent gifts include:
  • the smell of freshly grated ginger
  • seeing a butterfly using the hummingbird feeder. i should have already taken it down but when i seen that it was still getting some use i was happy that i hadn't.
  • a large granddog curling up in my lap for snuggles. who says laps are only for little dogs~!?!


  1. Your wee skeleton is so creative! I am sure your imagination will come up with a skull...a shell or small seed, perhaps.

  2. That is a scary pumpkin ;-) just right for the season, quite a contrast to your enchanted floral photos. The skeleton makes me smile - love the hips - maybe something along that for a head? I'm sure what you do will be fabulous.
    Not much beats a snuggle with a lap dog - regardless of size.
    Have a great week!

  3. What about a black background for the skeleton? I was thrilled you didn't say you added the skeleton to your family's stockings! lol
    Love your little blocks:)

  4. I'm so glad you said you made a scarey photo collage, because that is the first I thought of. Very cool and looks like monster teeth or claws.
    Your quilt a long blocks look great, some of my favorite fabrics in them.
    the skeleton is a hoot! I love him!!

  5. wow your squeleton is amazing ! it is so clever to have used twigs to make the arms and legs!

  6. You are SO creative! I just LOVE the skeleton. Not sure what background color would work - something to make him POP!
    The best part of my day is sitting with my dog and having my morning cup of tea.

  7. Great website for the digital bkgds...thanks!! Love your little skeleton...he could be the Headless Horseman and have no head!!

  8. Your skeleton is so cute! I love, love, love it!
    All the fabric and all the stitching-love here = JOY! YOU are a treasure, sweet Libby Q!

  9. Lots done this week! I love the skeleton - even without a head - and those teensy little quilt blocks look like lots of fun!

  10. Love the skeleton! How fun! You had a great week. Cute tiny 4-patches and log cabins. Hope this week is as good for you.

    Almost forgot your photo, it's appropriately spooky. Very cool.

  11. Nice use of the Knotted Loop stitch for the ribs and spine of your skeleton. How about buttonhole stitch for the fingers? I think a larger and a smaller button both broken in half would create a head. The holes in the larger one could be the eye sockets. The background, black, orange or purple, for Halloween?

  12. I love your skeleton. What an excellent idea!

  13. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I just had to take a look at your skeleton, I like it!

  14. Fantastic using of the texture, your creation is superb.

  15. What a perfect Halloween photo for PAF this week. I love your little skeleton, would you mind if I 'lifted' your idea. I'm not sure where yet but it just appeals to me so much.


    1. i am flattered that you like my idea so much and wouldn't mind if you used it. i hope that you will let me know once you have posted it so that i can see what you've done. also, would you mind linking back to my original work so that viewers can see what i did with it as well as where you went with the idea within your own creative inspiration.

      sounds like fun and i'm looking forward to it.


  16. What great processing in "things that go bump in the night" Love it!

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. Spinetingling fun with your PAF piece. It's mysterious and perfect for the season.
    Also love that little stitched skeleton.

  19. your work always amazes me! all the quilts and stitches! they are so beautiful!

  20. A very spooky texture image! Great textures too.

  21. Very scary! Amazing to move from your powerful image to see your delicate handwork. Such versatility!!!

  22. Your processing on the photo art image is very Halloween-like - perfect! And you quilt work is beautiful...you have a lovely blog. :)

  23. I'm with Bonnie, your transitioning is extraordinary. Made me see my own work in a new light, which is a gift today as I am still trying to keep my head above water with this more than funky funk that has moved in like a weather front!! LOL!!

    Your work is always sort of soothing to me. I suppose BEcause I don't stitch anything yet enJOY a similar process when painting with paper. It's nice to see it juxtaposed in YOUR work which is how I am able to see my own this way.

  24. So very creative!Great work..

  25. Love the smell of freshly grated ginger Libby - it's sublime! So long since I've visited! Really like the stitching and richly atmospheric photo at the top of this post. Lesley x


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