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Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day 2012

i hope that this day is finding you in a peaceful place and that you are able to settle both your body and mind from all of the busyness of the summer.

i also want to share with you my newest little gem of a quilt. this one was a team effort. the top was made by Kathie at Inspired by Antique Quilts and then it was finished up (hand quilting~!!~) by Lori of Humble Quilts.
i was the lucky buyer over on the AAQI website. not much feels better than finding a quilt that you love, supporting the AAQI in their efforts to treat and cure Alzheimer's Disease AND snagging it before it's gone.
with that in mind i wanted to alert you to the fact that AAQI has already begun their grand auction affair for this month. these auctions are always during the first ten days of the month and there are some special quilts set aside and presented during this time. even if you really don't plan on buying i urge you to hop over there and see them. it's like a mini quilting show right at your fingertips.

so i've shown you the close-up for this little quilt but i would also like to share with you it's current display area.
this is a shot of part of the front porch as you go into my home. i've decorated it especially for this brief relaxing time of the year when long hot summer days begin to shorten and cool. soon the snow will be flying and the holidays will be upon us with all of their hustle and bustle. i think that these shorter days are a reminder that we should enjoy life and relax a bit. so take a seat. savor some time on the front porch, drink a tall cool beverage and calm your mind and body. 

btw: if you're the type to want a bit of reading material while you're out there on the front porch you should check this out:

and hey, if you happen to relax for a smidge too long and miss the auction you can always go to the AAQI site and see what quilts they have for sale (while they last). there is a constantly changing bonanza of small quilts to delight. something is sure to capture your heart. trust me. if you see something you like, don't hesitate. i happen to know from experience: they sometimes can and do get snapped right up. of course if your a bit too slow you can always shop for another.
;- )
whatever you do, don't think for a second that you can't make a difference by participating in some way because the AAQI is here to prove that a difference can be made and they can show you every detail of that difference as they see it currently. take a look at how things are stacking up against this disease from the AAQI standpoint~!~it's truly amazing what can happen when people work together to create a change~!!~
recent gifts include:
  • being the lucky buyer of this cute little quilt (it measures just barely over 7 x 11 inches)
  • being able to help spread the goodness that AAQI is working toward with a cure for Alzheimer's
  • long dreamy sessions on my front porch with the hummingbirds for company and a needle in my hand
  • being able to figure out and embed my very first video link~!!~


  1. Hello sweet Libby Q! I'll buy it the next time I'm at the grocery! VERY cool!
    I love your porch with all the quilt loveliness!

  2. Very pretty little quilt. I love your little relaxation corner. Hope you have a relaxing Labor Day.

  3. Love your porch!!! So inviting! and great little quilt from AAQI...wonderful organization!

  4. In France, it is a special day too : it is the first day of school after summer holydays. Pauline is at school since half past eight this morning and my son will go to his college this afternoon (it is not like in USA, we name college the scholl between 11 and 14 years).
    Your know quilt is wonderful. I love the effect of green with pink and yellow.
    have a nice Labor Day

  5. Lucky lady to snag that little gem. Love your porch vignette...I have my iced tea in hand ready to join you!

  6. I'd love to join you on your front porch!
    What a lovely post. Thanks again for purchasing this little quilt.

  7. Oh, it's so hard to calm my mind! I usually just try to divert it!
    Love, Love, Love your front porch! So inviting. Glad you are keeping up with your stitching.

  8. LOVe your front porch! Great post too.

  9. oh I am so happy that you bought this little quilt, how nice to know it went to someone I "know" and I know will enjoy it.
    Loris hand quilting makes the quilt.
    I love your porch how inviting.

  10. Love your front porch, too! Beautiful post.

    :) Carolyn

  11. I love your little quilt. It is adorable. Your porch looks fantastic. Which I had an area like that to decorate. Hugs


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