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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

a shift in seasons

although the shift is still slight it's been feeling a bit cooler around here. crisp mornings growing into warm sunny days which then fade into cool evenings containing the slowing chirps of crickets. the shorter days reveal flowers fading as they uncover their finished summer's work of creating seeds. i almost mourn to see my favorite season pass into autumn but i must confess to feeling the need to rest more myself. this year i intend to embrace these changes as they happen . . .
please tell me what beauty you are seeing as your world changes around you.

i'm managing to get around to visiting other blogs a bit more often which is fun and always inspirational. i've even entered a giveaway for a sweet felt cushion created by Cathy at Big Lake Quilter. there are actually three to choose from and they are so very cute~!!~ i think that this giveaway ends on friday so if you happen to be interested in winning don't wait too long.

i have been keeping up with my 15 minutes of sewing time for each day as well as the TAST challenge (just barely) but have failed miserably on the sketchbook challenge.

i'm way behind on the showing of lots of creative bits and pieces but for today i've chosen the two most recent postcards that i've made.

this one is for my daughter. i was so busy with so many different things this year that i failed to make her a birthday postcard. i've promised to make her one for each month of the coming year instead and this is her september card.

this card was made for my mom's birthday. i used a printed felt background and highlighted various areas with stitches, beads and charms. i love the phone calls that i get when the cards arrive in their mail boxes~!
recent gifts include:
  • frequent visits from my daughter
  • enjoying a novel in the afternoon sun
  • picking tomatoes and preserving them for winter days yet to come
  • listening to the birds as they flock noisily in to peck the seeds from the middle of sunflowers planted especially for them
  • seeing a cottontail jump across my path on an early morning walk ~ hippity hoppity and into the sagebrush


  1. Beautiful cards!! I especially love the one for your mom!! Just lovely!! We too are experiencing a change of season...noticeably shorter days...and the hummingbirds are beginning to lessen in numbers...migrating through to their winter homes further South....

  2. YOU, my dear, are an angel pie!
    I came home to your precious parcel!
    I love the art journal magazine! It's just what I need!
    Wild rice! WOW!
    Everything is so thoughtful, so loving. Thank you for remembering my birthday. I'm so touched by your kindness.

  3. what a beautiful photo. This is my favorite time of year. I love the cool snap and the smell of dried leaves in the sun. Also the fall roses are the sweetest smelling I think.
    Your postcards are so lovely! The beading and embellishments are so textural and add so much dimension.
    Your daughter is so lucky to get a monthly postcard - how nice!!

  4. As always, your postcards are so wonderful! I bet your daughter loves getting one each month. Although our temps are slowly falling, there are no real signs of Fall to be seen here in the desert. We have to go North to get any color.

  5. Beautiful cards - so artful.
    Our parkway Maple has some vibrant red leaves. I love cool crisp mornings.
    The composition photo in this post is lovely - what is the top flower?
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. thank you Dawn. the top flower was a columbine. this one is going to seed.
      aren't they cool~!?


  6. You mean you don't plant those sunflowers for the dogs to chew on?


    1. the dogs have just learned from watching the birds~!


  7. Beautiful cards! After such a scorching summer, I'm ready for a little fall weather.

  8. your cards are lovely !
    in France, the weather begin to be cooler to. This week-end we have to start the heating, because the temperature in our house was 18 °C. Brrr !


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