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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

report card ~ jan. 24

i have another successful week to report for the 15 minute challenge:
  • tuesday, jan. 17th ~ fabric button using the feather stitch from TAST
  • wednesday, jan. 18th ~ cutting for pink lemonade (alternate) blocks ~ fabric covered button using the feather stitch from TAST
  • thursday, jan. 19th ~ sewed the pink lemonade top together ~ embroidered christmas stocking using TAST stitches ~ fabric button using the feather stitch from TAST ~ applique on secret birthday blocks
  • friday, jan. 20th ~ two fabric covered buttons using the feather stitch from TAST
  • saturday, jan. 21st ~ applique on secret birthday blocks ~ fabric covered button using the feather stitch from TAST
  • sunday, jan. 22nd ~ two fabric covered buttons with various embroidery
  • monday, jan. 23rd ~ applique on secret birthday blocks
a busy week with some accomplishments that i am pleased with.
if you would like to find out more about the 15 minute challenge visit Kate at  Life In Pieces.
i am finding it a great way to keep myself moving forward.

next week's TAST challenge is the cretan stitch. in the past i have found this stitch to be difficult. hopefully with the upcoming week's practice it will become less so. i may not work it into fabric covered buttons but it will be within the christmas stocking for sure.

i do LOVE making these buttons


Lori over at Humble Quilts  has been hosting a darling doll quilt (pink lemonade) quilt-a-long. this is my pink lemonade top/flimsy. i am now considering fabrics for the backing and how i will quilt it . . .

recent gifts have included:
  • receiving an unexpected but totally wonderful surprise within the mail
  • seeing my houseplants early response to the slightly longer daylight exposure
  • discovering and creating my own fabric covered buttons


  1. Hey, a blog makeover! It looks good.
    How fun to record what you are doing crafty every day.
    The buttons are awesome but oh so small.
    Love your Pink Lemonade quilt top!! I'm sure your quilting will make it even better.

  2. Very nice!! My 15 min. report this week is not so good!!! We have some health issues to deal with so I am in a time warp period!!

  3. Beautiful buttons! Love the multiple textures and prints with your beautiful stitches.
    Love pink lemonade too - so much fun!
    Good for you - making time!

  4. Nice buttons - now I know who to check with in case I have problems with my needlework!

    Glad you enjoyed the Sutton Center eagles. The Norfolk Bot. Garden started their eagle cam today, but it will be a while before any eaglets appear there!


  5. I love your buttons. I'll have to check out your other buttons. Congratulations on a good week too.

  6. The buttons are cute .. what will you do with them? Great week -- you are really working toward that A+.

  7. Great week, with 7 out of 7 days and those cute buttons to show for it! Hope this next week is just as productive. Thanks for linking up this week.

  8. Wow, you have gotten so much done, what a great journal of accomplishments!
    The buttons are just too fun, they are so creative.
    Love your pink lemonade top!

  9. Very Pretty Pink Lemonade! Always so nice to meet another Libby!

  10. Sounding very organized.....that's great!
    Your PInk Lemonade looks perfectly pieced. (Say that fast, five times!) lol

  11. I like your Lavendar Lemonade. How will you quilt yours- By hand or Machine? Mine is still a flimsy too.

  12. I stopped by to see your Pink Lemonade quilt and find beautiful buttons too.

  13. Another great lemonade quilt! I'm having a great time checking all of the links from Lori's blog. So many different versions, but they are all wonderful.

  14. Those buttons are squealable cute. Love the rick rack one bunches. And another sweet Pink Lemonade quilt--you found a wonderful yellow.

  15. Nice job on your Pink Lemonade quilt along. I love what you are doing with the crazy quilt style buttons.

  16. Oh my gosh how cute the make do in your Pink Lemonade. I absolutely LOVE IT!!! This is my absolute favorite. Definitely. Yep. Most for sure. I really like the fabrics in your blocks, too. Just perfect. Ohhh what a happy little quilt. :)


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