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Monday, January 9, 2012

i've decided to play along with Lori over at Humble Quilts as she hosts a quilt-a-long for a doll sized quilt. i have quite a few other things that i should be working on but this is just too tempting. and speaking of tempting this quilt-a-long has been titled Pink Lemonade~!~Yummy~!~

this is the basic color palette that i will be using for my version. i'm not sure i'll use that particular yellow fabric but it is a possibility. these blocks are from step 1.  i was so pleased to have them done but it turns out i better get right on to step 2 (posted today) or i'm gonna be left in the dust~!

i read a post the other day (i wish i could remember where) in regards to having a word of the year: a word that calls to me . . . something that i may need to learn from or think more about, etc. words can be powerful. what would happen if i chose one and kept it present in my daily life? so i've been sort-of keeping alert to one that 'spoke' to me and hadn't come up with anything. i just figured i wasn't meant to have a word of the year.
 . . . until today when i was walking past a small tablescape that i created during december and had myself a "well, DUH" moment. i've found myself stopping here often and rearranging the vintage wooden blocks in  various playful ways ever since i put them here. so i am declaring my word of 2012 to be the word "play". sounds like fun doesn't it~!?
if you were to pick a word for your new year what would it be? and why? or does this seem like a silly idea (playful maybe?) and a waste of time to you?

today's gifts included:
  • kiwi fruit on my lunch plate. so pretty and a burst of freshness in every juicy bite.
  • catching up on the laundry
  • time to   P L A Y   in my studio. in fact, way longer than 15 minutes   (- :


  1. Hi, I don't know if it was my post, but I did write about a blog/workshop about "One Little Word" that I was thinking about doing. I am doing a word...mine is Nature...but I decided not to do the workshop...just going to wing it!! My idea is to focus on the world around me more...I am doing a daily list...a sentence a day...what I saw/felt/ experienced...concerning Nature! And I want to incorporate art work, photography, journaling etc throughout the year. I haven't blogged my list yet...I may just wait and post the monthly list at the end, with some art work etc.

  2. I love your blocks and all the fabrics you've used. I have mine finished up too and just in time for phase 2! Yikes! I better get at it.

    I have been seeing the word of the year idea going around too and it's a good one. I like yours. Play is what I prefer to do most of the time!

    My word for the year is to be content. Not so much with what I have as that's not hard for me to do. I am always thankful and content with what I have. But content for me runs over into the quilting world. To be content with what I accomplish and not to pick myself apart over things that may or may not be done just right! Basically, I'm trying to not be too hard on myself. Does that make sense? It's late and I tend to not make sense at this hour :D

  3. I guess my word would be "relax". I'm trying not to worry so much. But I like the idea of "play", too! Glad you are joining the QAL. Such pretty blocks!

  4. Your version of Lori's Pink Lemonade is yummy! Play is a good word...something we all need to do more of. My word would probably be RELAX. I tend to be so wound up all the time, always running to catch up, it seems.

  5. Play is an excellent word! I am going to get behind in Lori's quilt along too- but I may have some time tomorrow evening to PLAY!

  6. Love your blocks and your word. Someone mentioned the "word" for the year just this past week and cannot think of one that sums everything up for me. I guess I am too scattered!!

  7. Love your pink lemonade blocks - I was taken with it too ;-)

    PLAY sounds wonderful and I think it is a fabulous idea. I may just 'play' along with that plan as well!

  8. My Two words are New Delights.Last year My word was Delights.Since I'm having a gastric bypass this year I just had to have NEW delights.I sure have to find them.Thanks for your kind words-Denise

  9. I'm really in the dust, lol as I haven't started yet. Maybe tomorrow?
    Your pink is so pretty!
    My word is "simplify" for 2012

  10. PLAY. What a great word!
    I'll have to think a bit to come up with my word.


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