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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cloth Paper Scissors (Post) Challenge

in a recent previous post i showed a bit of this postcard that i have been working on. i only showed a tiny bit of it (the embroidery w/beads) and now i'm revealing it in full.

this first shot is of the card midway through which is why you can see some basting stitches holding various parts of it in place. the hexagons used are a variety of fabrics and papers. the one with the flower on it is my own artwork in watercolor pencils onto a loose vintage book page and then over-stamped with sheet music (in red).

this second photo is of the postcard (front) taken this a.m. right before getting it into the mail. there has been a variety of things added and stitched. you'll notice that the embroidery stitching that i showed on the previous post mentioned has been taken further as well. i had so many commenter's that thought the experimental fly stitch w/beads looked like beetles, bugs, insects, etc that i decided to add a bit more and before i knew it i had created some happy line dancing bees.
i used some paper tape printed with vintage postage as a binding/edging.

and this is the back of the card which shows that i have made it for a challenge put out in a past issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. the deadline was for all cards to be received in their offices by january 20th. i've cut things a bit close and am concerned about it making it on time . . .
they will be putting their favorite cards into a future issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine. i've wanted to involve myself in some of their other past challenges but for various reasons (mainly procrastination and fear) have never actually done it. when i seen this challenge i knew it was time to jump in and participate.
i'll bet they get FLOODS of gorgeous cards~!!~and i can hardly wait to see the issue that includes the cards special enough to be chosen for publication.

today's gifts include:
  • playing with grand-dog Suki and my own dog River in the back yard.
  • pumpkin bread (w/choc. chips) for breakfast
  • finally taking the leap and submitting something to one of my favorite magazines


  1. Lovely card!! I feel sure we will see in it Cloth Paper Scissors!

  2. Yahoo! Good for you, Libby Q!
    I bet your card will stun them all (the judges, whoever they are!)
    I think we need some dog pictures!

  3. Congratulations on just getting it done and entering it! We all make plans and don't follow through..but you did! Best of luck to you!!!

  4. This is just a beautiful card. I really love the work you've put into this. Your artwork is very inspiring!

  5. Fabulous! I hope this is one of many entries for you.
    I think it is beautiful - best wishes and a high five!

  6. Good luck with your entry Libby, it's great. Love the pretty stamps on the reverse and the fact that it's 'artmail'. x

  7. This is so fabulous! I love everything about it - especially the hexies and the beads.
    What a lovely little work of art!

  8. You've created a beautiful card! I love the bees, hexies and your watercolor flower. Good luck!

  9. Libby your postcard is so beautifully made, wish you good luck, I'm sure we will see it in CPS.


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