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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

report card ~ jan. 17

i have committed to 15 minutes of sewing a day. today i'm giving my first "report card".  if you want more information on this there is a button on my sidebar that you can check out or you can visit  Life in Pieces.
  • tuesday, jan. 10 ~ CPS mixed media postcard
  • wednesday, jan. 11 ~ hexie project and cutting half blocks for  the pink lemonade quilt-a-long
  • thursday, jan. 12 ~ sewing half blocks for pink lemonade
  • friday, jan. 13 ~ applique on secret birthday blocks
  • saturday, jan. 14 ~ applique on secret birthday blocks
  • sunday, jan. 15 ~ applique on secret birthday blocks
  • monday, jan 16 ~ made the four corner blocks for pink lemonade and embroidery on a christmas stocking  
i know one thing. i'm going to have to start writing it down on the day i do it because i cannot seem to remember just exactly what i did on what days . . . what i do know for sure is that i did get some sewing done and i generally spend quite a bit more time in the studio than 15 minutes once i get started.

the blanket stitch was the challenge for last week on Take a Stitch Tuesday.

i've used it here to attach the stem of the pear on my current AAQI project. very tiny stitches. very tiny thread. love the results~!
this week the stitch to use/explore will be the feather stitch. one of my favorites.

today's gifts have included:
  • not having to do the dishes this morning
  • a bright sun on snow creating millions of sparkles everywhere i look
  • a visit from the resident wild bunny "nibbles"


  1. Such a good idea to write your crafting days down and fifteen minutes a day is a good amount of time to get some good work done! I like this idea

  2. I work full time out of home so Kate's challenge is great for helping me get even a little bit done daily. You had a great week !

    One of my blog buddies is doing the pink lemonade quiltalong too.

  3. How fun!! 15 min is not that much but it is amazing how much can get done in that amount of time!! Amazingly small and beautiful stitches!!

  4. love your report card post - what a great idea. You get an A+ from me on the blanket stitch!
    I always enjoy reading your "gifts" list.

  5. Your list puts me to shame!

    The blanket stitch is fabulous! Perfect.

  6. Hi, Libbyquilter! I posted today on the 15 min for the first time also!! It is a good incentive to get things done, isn't it? Love what you have gotten done!!!

  7. I love hearing what others are up to. It gives me a chance to try new things.

  8. I find the 15 minute challenge to be the push I need to get started .. great report card!

  9. I've joined a mixed media kit of the month group, so I am hoping to do more mixed media stuff this year. I should write down what I do to but I don't.

  10. That's a good way to make sewing every day a habit. I would have to write it down as I go, too! ; c )

  11. You are so organized! Your hand work is amazing. I know how small that stem is! Thank you for sharing your fabulous work.


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