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Monday, August 9, 2010

today i used a shot of Grace to do some PSE7 practice. i recently purchased a book (Digital Expressions by Susan Tuttle) that is all about "creating digital art with adobe photoshop elements". all of the digital art that i have so far done has been by trial and error and i thought i would see if progressing through this book would help me out. i'm hoping for less cursing and more happy endings!

anyway, she starts the reader out with simple vignetting instructions and i followed along with a shot of Gracie. i did learn some things and am ready to go on to the next challenge: Popping Areas of Color.

so here's to happy ending number one~!


  1. 2nd try at posting.....
    I just got this book for the same reason.
    This portrait looks really nice!!

  2. Oh, Miss Grace is purrrrrrfect! What a flattering photograph! Good for you, Libby Q!

  3. Thanks for coming by!
    Yes, PS works perfectly!!!

  4. Lovely - you could make this into some very smart greetings cards.

  5. the lighting looks just right on this photo of Gracie. beautiful.

  6. what a pretty kitty - great shot, have fun!


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