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Thursday, August 19, 2010

i've finally sewn on the borders to the broken dishes top that i've been working on. next i will be working on stitching the (scrappy/pieced) back together.

i don't currently have a design wall set up so you are seeing it laid over a guest bed. my apologies. i hope to be able to get a better shot of it later on . . .

this is a photo i took of some of the embellishment choices for the current fabric postcard that i'm working on . . .

and this is some of those same bits sewn on. i hope to be binding the card today and getting it ready to send very soon.
i meant to have these things done yesterday but there was a problem with the pond that demanded my immediate attention. the hose that connects the pump and the filter somehow became separated (the neighbor's dogs perhaps . . . ?!) which resulted in the water being pumped out of the pond completely. unfortunately that pretty much threw the rest of the day's plans out the window. the good news is that despite having all but a few inches of water pumped unexpectedly out of it, the losses were fairly minimal and it seems to be back to relative normalcy today. i'm grateful that i was here, caught what was going on and was able to handle the situation well enough to keep damages minimized.
i have been having some trouble at times leaving comments . . . is anyone else having this sort of problem? i suspect that it has something to do with bloggers new spam control but can't really say for certain as there seems to be no consistency.


  1. The patchwork looks lovely and I do like the idea of fabric postcards, you put so much work into them.

  2. Glad that you were able to get your pool back to normal without too much disruption, Libby. Love the quilt - it looks really nice, draped over the guest bed. x

  3. The broken dishes quilt is coming along really well. Love the scrapiness of it!

    WRT to you comment on the 1800's Vintage quilt, I intend to quilt it by machine, since there are way too many seams to maneuver by hand. I am thinking of the baptist fan design.

  4. Thanks Libby - it was lovely to come here and be cheered by pretty things.

  5. Love the quilt! The border adds a lot of movement. The cards look fantastic and so vintagey.

  6. Oh, I love your broken dishes. It's stunning!


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