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Thursday, August 26, 2010

today is my daughter's 25th birthday. i've been missing her a lot but we have been able to speak on the phone and she is happily celebrating with a couple of her near-by Peace Corp. friends. apparently her Honduran community was also very kind in wishing her a happy birthday as well.

in an effort to distract myself from not being able to be with her on this day i took both of my cameras out into the garden.

this first shot was taken using my older Canon Powershot SD750. i think i miss it . . .

i'm not sure if this is garlic or onion blooming but i thought it was really pretty.

this is the first (one and only (so far) crookneck squash. it's still pretty small. i liked the way the leaves made a nice natural vignetting for it.

the geraniums are throwing out lots of flowers and i'm enjoying their happy red jubilance.

i took several shots of Emmitt. this one struck me as quite cute. as if he is saying "enough already!"
i hope to be getting around to some blog visiting tomorrow. just too tired tonight.


  1. Emmit is so cute! Geraniums are one of my favorites. Happy Birthday to your dear daughter and a big hug for you, Mama.

  2. I bet it's hard to have your dd so far away on her birthday. Distraction with camera in hand is always good.
    Love the photos but esp your cat. **Too** funny!!!

  3. Lovely pics Libby. It's nice to know that your daughter is enjoying life in Honduras - she's been there for quite some time now, hasn't she? Have a good weekend, Lesley


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