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Friday, May 7, 2010

this is a collage piece that i am going to use as stationery. i think i'll call it collaganery~!~

i thought it might be a fun way to spice up the letter writing/receiving process . . . makes the "how are you. i am fine" bit a lot more fun don't you think~!?!~

i have used the reverse side of a scrap booking paper with a high fiber content as my base. the first thing i did was scrumble it up. then i stitched a piece of hand painted lace diagonally onto it.at this point i decided that i would not use glue for attaching bits . . . as i didn't want the stiffness it would bring to my page. i consulted with my daughter regarding her own (loosely interpreted) recipe for Pesto and used a micron pen to letter it onto a scrap of fabric then stitched it down and added the small cutlery charms.
i created my own dictionary style entry and penned it onto a section of the page.

this little bird fetish was rescued/scavenged from a favorite beaded necklace that i wore in my teenage years.
i'll do more with it; as it comes along it seems to make it's own suggestions as to what should be next . . . the joy of collage.


  1. I had one of those necklaces too - fetish necklace? Isn't that what they were called. everybody wore those. cute little collage.

  2. Beautiful and inspiring post, LibbyQ!
    I wish you a warm and wonderful Mother's Day. Your heart is so soft and juicy! YOU are a darling!

  3. How lovely that you kept the little blue bird charm from your necklace. Treasures like that evoke so many memories. It's a lovely way in which to use your charm

    Have a lovely week


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