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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

okay, i'm sure that you've all heard stories of the American wild wild west and that those tales were full of gold nuggets, cattle ranching, poker games (that every man cheated at), a few "loose" women and saloons full of men sitting at tables and setting back shot after shot of whiskey . . . (which quite frankly does explain all of that gunfire that you undoubtedly also heard about).
and maybe it did go something like that but this morning i am convinced that it's really all about our WILD "SPRING" WEATHER~!!~

on sunday i actually hung my first hummingbird feeder (this happens to be my own personal mother's day tradition). it's very early here for hummingbirds but every once in a while i get the special gift of seeing one actually pull up to the "station" in a feeding frenzy. to me this display means that the spring season can officially start and brings a smile to my face and an exquisite (nothing else like it) joy to my heart . this doesn't happen every year but it does happen just often enough to inspire me to put out one "early bird special" feeder. this year i watched the feeder all day long and it just wasn't happening . . . maybe it was a bit too chilly or too windy . . . i continued to hope and watch . . . and late in the afternoon i was rewarded with a tiny, beautiful, HUNGRY male hummer. imagine my delight. i continued to watch as he darted in and out of the feeding area seemingly elated at having found nectar-like substance when (be still my joy full heart~!~) in darted another tiny, beautiful, HUNGRY male hummer~!!~ yes, i received not one, but two mother's day hummingbirds at my feeder~!!!!~ now, i should have run for my camera in an attempt to document this wonderful sight but i was intent on enjoying every moment and not scaring them off with a barrage of my excitable and clumsy attempts and the assortment of lenses that comes with those attempts. i did consider it and firmly decided that there should be no paparazzi on this first day.

i was out of town yesterday so don't know if the hummingbirds continued to make themselves at home or not. i was imagining that they were though . . .

and then~!!~this morning was flabbergasted to wake up to quite the snow storm~!!~big wet flakes falling from a windy sky and even accumulating on the emerging green blades of grass within the lawn.

that was hours ago and it continues to come down like there's going to be no (spring) tomorrow. i did duck out onto the front porch and and snap a photo of my cactus garden with the snow coming fast and furious.

so what does one do when there's a giant spring snowstorm and one is feeling more than a bit annoyed and downright depressed about it? one practices their zentangling. i've been intrigued by this interesting form of doodle drawing for quite some time and finally jumped in and gave it an honest effort. i thought i would like more color in mine but . . .

it turns out that using (only) a black pen seems to make it quite a bit more graphically appealing.

i think i need a LOT more practice which i won't consider a hardship as it's very relaxing once one gets into the "moment" of it.

remember the collaged bit of stationery that i was working on last post? i ended up collaging away all of my writing space and had to stitch a small cloth bag (recycled from clothing tags) into the collage for the purpose of inserting a letter into.

you may have guessed that this will be going all the way to Honduras to my daughter. i wonder what the poor girl is going to do with all of the crazy mail art that i have sent her over the years~!?!~


  1. Your daughter will treasure it all of course!

    I do hope the snow is short lived Libby, so that you get to see many more adorable Humming birds soon. Like the zentangles. Bye for now, Lesley

  2. Happy Mother's Day to YOU Libby.
    Loved the tale of the humming bird.
    Funny - I received a beautiful red crackled glass hummingbird feeder, some nectar, a huge bag of birdseed AND a cute little cottage birdfeeder from my son for Mother's Day. They always know what makes us happy, don't they! I too love watching the birds.

  3. Your weather sounds a lot like ours in Central Oregon. We had snow within the last week and then Saturday it was 70 degrees...yep. spring is here! LOL
    I'm sure your dd will save it all as her treasure.
    I love your zentangle. I saw Jean Wells doing it while I was at the Stitchin' Post for the bed turning. Yours is terrific!

  4. The weather sure is crazy here, too. But it's not a real bad crazy like they're seeing down in the tornado alley of OK and KS. I'm praying that things settle down for them quickly!

    Your zens are wonderful, libbyQ! Your daughter is sure to LOVE her treasures from you!


  5. Oh, I'll know what she'll do with all her artsy mail - she'll savor it forever!
    I think this is the year for a hummingbird feeder. I've never had one and now, after reading your humming post, I must buy one!
    Have a lovely day - yes, we have snow.

  6. Those are great zentangles - I especially like the fishy one! (as much because it is fish, than because it is B&W)

  7. I recieved the nicest surprise in the mail when we got home from our trip!! Libby, you are just too generous!! thank you so much for the book, card and seeds!! We too have been having really weird weather...today, high of 65..in MAY in Texas...that is just not normal!! thank you again...and I love your sketches...I have a note book I love to doodle in all the time....very good way to get the creative juices flowing!!

  8. What great inspiration you took form the bad weather! I love your zentangles, super cool! Margaret

  9. Zentangle is extremely cool! I want to try this out!!! And being as I'm from Nevada myself, I understand the way that dern weather goes. (Reno-Lake Tahoe). I'm so excited about this Zentangle thing though. Am I supposed to go quilt now? Sheesh. I'm not sure I can.


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