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Thursday, January 28, 2010

today the sun is shining and i'm grateful~!!!~
i've enjoyed taking some time to familiarize myself with my new camera a little more. i'm excited by what it can do and overwhelmed by how much i need to learn about it~!~
i decided to take advantage of the warm afternoon sunshine coming in through the window this afternoon and created a couple of still life images. i love the beat up random nails chipped paint splintery look of the bench that i used as a background for a couple of small bits that i had close by . . . i also use this bench as a coffee table. it's care free and has tons of character~!!~
if you didn't happen to have any sunshine in your day, feel free to enjoy mine.


  1. Thank you! I wish I could paint the ceiling tiles sky blue (in my classroom)! If I open all the blinds it gets so hot that I wilt but it is freezing outside. I'm happy for sunshine in LibbyQ Land.

  2. Your bench makes a good subject in the strong sunlight Libby. It's been sunny here today, but bitterly cold as well! Bfn, Lesley

  3. there are such lovely textures in these photos, wonderful!

  4. Oh, btw I put your sweet husband first in the Pom Pom Nice People Hall of Fame. Smile.


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