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Monday, January 18, 2010

the senior party quilt top is finished and i'm happy with it's "sunny disposition". it goes to my guild this evening and i'm quite happy to have it off of my to-do list. now i am turning my attention to making another postcard.
think of warm days with sand between your toes, the sound of breaking waves and the magic of tide pools . . .
i think this will be a welcome diversion for me from my winter snows and cold winds and hopefully you will feel the same.
one of my Christmas postcards does not seem to have reached it's intended destination so i will be doing some verifying of that later this week and probably making and resending another card.

meanwhile i begin to gather supplies that speak to me of the magic found within these special salt water pools left behind after the ebbing of a tide . . .
i've never actually experienced a tide pool so would love to hear about tide pools from those of you who have. please tell me what you found fascinating and lovely within the tide pools of your memory. these shared thoughts will certainly help me to create a more beautiful postcard.
in return, as i continue to gather bits together and work on this card, i will share my progress with you.
it will be like getting to spend a few warm moments at the beach . . .

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  1. Hi Libby, the quilt's lovely and the materials for your 'tide pool' postcard are lovely too.

    I like the smell associated with rock pools because of the surrounding wet rocks, seaweed, limpets and mussels. There are little crabs to be found under the rocks in the pools and tiny fish, called 'mullies' and deep red sea anemones. Bfn. Lesley


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