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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

sometimes i have to get out a pencil and sketch in order to really make a decision about what to create next. that seems to be the case with my newest carrot quilt. one should not assume however that i will follow the sketch entirely . . . i sometimes make changes as i work along . . .
once i got started appliqueing the hearts i realized that this was a natural choice for this time of year. not only is valentines day coming up but today happens to be my 25th wedding anniversary. my dh and i have actually been a couple and making a home together for several years longer than that but this is the "official" date according to the marriage certificate. i have to say that the time has flown by in a (mostly) happy haze of memories and i feel lucky to be traveling through this world with a soul mate who understands, respects and loves me.

meanwhile i've been continuing my tide pool exploration . . . and the newest postcard is coming along nicely.
the base fabric is one that i was given by my daughter. it used to be a blouse and i always remarked how much i liked it and that she reminded me of a beautiful mermaid while wearing it. before she went to Honduras she was doing some serious closet/wardrobe cleaning and she gave it to me to create with. so one could say that there is the spirit of a mermaid lurking about within this emerging tide pool . . .
i've also been using some of the beautiful threads that Carolyn (from http://www.love-stitching-red.blogspot.com/ ) sent to me within a most fabulous give-away package that i felt oh-so-lucky to have won. doesn't that textured yellow thread make fabulous sea-weed~!?!~thank you Carolyn~!~


  1. Love the heart and the colours you've used for the first piece, all looks very promising. Congratulations on your silver wedding anniversary and best wishes for many more years together. Bye for now, Lesley

  2. Congratulations to you both for your Silver Wedding Anniversary. Your heart quilt is looking good already. Will it be a slow cloth? Hand stitched? I've been wanting to make a slow cloth for a while. I have been inspired by Jude Hill and Ger and really want to have a go ... maybe soon! I'm so glad the threads and bits are coming in handy. I use a lot of textured threads in my work, not so recently, but I want to get back to it. I love little hand stitches as decoration. Your rock pool theme is lovely. I love that theme myself, as you know. I shall watch with much interest. Hope you have a good week. Don't be worried if I don't post for a little while ;o)

    Bye for now
    Carolyn ♥

  3. I thought of mermaids when I saw Carolyn's aquamarine. I like the idea of planning out quilty color using graph paper. I'm so happy for you and your husband. He must be a peach. He is going up on my Nice People Hall of Fame. I'll make him a nice little avatar. And I say to you, "Way to go, LibbyQ. You have loved selflessly for over two decades and you have chosen to invest in the precious soul given to you. THAT is a gigantic accomplishment. Cheers to the happy married couple!

  4. Happy anniversary. I can't wait to see how this postcard progresses.


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