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i am a creative person. mother to a daughter who is an active young woman and a constant blessing in my life. i hope that you enjoy your visit here and that you will return often.

Monday, January 11, 2010

just a quick hello and yes, i'm doing fine. i appreciate all of the comments, e-mails and hellos despite my lack of communication and hopefully i'll be paying some blog visits (as well as posting on my own) during the upcoming week.

in the meantime; try to stay bundled up and warm cuz baby, it's COLD outside~!!~



  1. Hi Libby, glad that all is well. And yes, it is cold outside, even here in the West of Cornwall. We've had snow and ice and temperatures below freezing! Bye for now, Lesley

  2. Me again, I had to smile - word verification for the previous comment was 'wowie'.


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