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Friday, February 21, 2014

?? celebrating spring ??

much of the rest of the country (U.S.) is under snow. we certainly should be but when i walk outside this is what i'm seeing.  
the iris pushing up out of it's winter mulch towards the sun. see it's wrinkly new leaf goodness?
see that bright sunshine?
and there are daffodils crowding out of the ground too.
strangely, the crocus have not made an appearance.
i don't know whether to laugh or cry. it's extremely early for any of this to be happening here and i imagine a killing frost coming at just the wrong time . . .
to celebrate or not? stay tuned.

it's time to link up with Julie and friends for Art Journal Every Day and i have a page to share. this is page six for the Journal52 project.
all about  "the lost art of love letters". this was the love letter that was whispered to me early one morning.

i'm at risk of never catching up with the Journal52 prompts. i'm not sure whether to laugh or cry about that either . . .
it seems that my heART and stitching fingers had a mind all their own this a.m. and rather than paying attention to one of the pages prompted by the project i started and stitched on another small fabric page . . . as i was thinking about ageing/turning 50 (more laughter and tears). going in circles. and trying to be okay with that. 
"You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards."
or so said: Steve Jobs.
recently i sent my wonderful daughter a fun envelope in the mail. nothing remarkable on the inside but it was quite 'happy' on the outside.

snail mail is still the best in my world.

connecting up with:


recent gifts include:
  • space in my life from letting go of some stuff
  • clean hair
  • sunshine in blue skies
  • green grass peeking through the dormant matt of last years growth
  • thoughts of planting seeds


  1. I love seeing new growth coming out of winter. Unfortunately it is still winter here. We had snow, sleet, thunder and lightning, rain, high winds, warm temps (40) and temps in the teens....and that was just this week. I wonder if spring will ever hit Michigan.

    I adore your Journal pages. You are so talented. And don't cry about turning 50...I'm 64 and life just keeps getting better. Hugs my friend.

  2. Snail mail is the best :-)
    Very pretty pages and stitching.
    Saw a crocus in bloom yesterday. It was certainly here for the short term but no less beautiful.
    Take care and enjoy some good laughs.

  3. Hello Libby Q! Lovely envelope! I love your style. My iris are up, too. I'm so happy about the coming of spring.

  4. Spring flowers - how lovely for you - Winter is still in full force here and spring long off. Great journal page!

  5. Great photos ... We too have lots of spring flowers in the UK ... I LOVE daffodils ... they are so cheerful!
    You have some lovely art on the go there and don't worry about age ... it's only a number ... Thanks so much for sharing at Our Beautiful World!

  6. wow I can't believe the power of spring, it's amazing isn't it? I can't wait to see some buds around here. we actually have a small patch of grass showing.
    I love your butterfly page. Hope you don't feel too much pressure, its not a race and you make such lovely things.
    I'm sure your daughter loved the snail mail, who wouldn't?

  7. I love snail mail, too! So nice to see spring showing itself especially as we have still over a foot of snow on the ground.........a happy envelope!

  8. Whether it's time for daffodils yet or not, it is definitely time to plant some starter seeds!

  9. Oh, I hope you don't have a killing frost! I noticed our snow drops are out which is appropriate for this time of year. Your journaling is beautiful. I feel like I say it time and again but it is so true. Butterfly stamps on a lost love letter - perfect!

  10. No signs of spring here, but I know it's coming!

  11. The butterflies in the heart shape are just wonderful….perfect on the old love letter.

  12. Love you butterfly love letter page, it's fun and gorgeous.

  13. Love seeing those peeping tips of the daffodils - the promise of spring, thank goodness. Snail mail is definitely the most special! Love your butterfly heart.

  14. I had a great time looking at your journaling and such fun projects you're doing. We are kindred spirits on the snail mail and scrapbooking mailings. I have always loved getting mail and sending mail, and I still do. While others that are my friends turn their nose up at spending the cost of a stamp, I think it is a wonderful way and very inexpensive way to send a gift of the mail itself. Loved your daughter's envelope. Although my friends don't like snail mail, they do always rave and comment to others about getting a handmade card. Loved visiting your blog. Thanks for visiting me. :) Happy Monday.

  15. So lovely to see spring coming! I love your spring captures ~ I hope the frost holds off. We have lots of daffodils, snowdrops and crocus. But then we have had a very mild but stormy winter here in the UK. I love your art journal page too!

  16. I ask to myself the same question : here the weather is not cold, wet, very wet but not cold and the flowers begin to blossom. but we are already in march, so it is perhaps normal.


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