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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

early morning stitches

i'm still here. still stitching (aka breathing).
not a lot of time for blogging.

recent gifts include:
  • fish within the pond warming to the idea of an early spring
  • late to the party but still beautiful crocus
  • getting my hands dirty in the spring soil


  1. I'm always relieved to see that the fish and frogs made it through the winter. Keep stitching!

  2. I hope to see what you are stitching soon. No Crocus here...still some snow and more to come. Hugs

  3. Beautiful stitching! And happy to hear the crocus made it to the party at last. Don't you just love spring? Have a wonderful day! Hugs

  4. We got a couple of days of spring...not in a row, and it was just a tease. We are back to frosty nights. Our ground is a mess for awhile longer. Crocuses are such a nice site this time of year.

  5. Hope you're spending more time in the garden ... after all that cold!

  6. Lovely stitching, makes me think of a Kantha Quilt. Crocus are blooming here too, always extra pretty when embellished with a dusting of snow - and they survive...

  7. Glad you are still breathing. Some times blogging has to take a back seat, life is just that way. Hope you get more time to hang out in blog land soon.


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