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Friday, February 7, 2014

art journal every day ~ february 7, 2014

the journal52 project is keeping me pretty busy with my art journaling. the 'primitive sampler' series of shots are my progress on the fourth week's page/prompt: (building character).
 my inclination to stitch seems to bring me further behind on this project but i do really like the idea of having some stitched pages to collect into their own little fabric journal. this page in particular is quite slow and emphasizes my need for prescription glasses and a steadier hand . . . ageing sucks sometimes.
i liked the idea of a primitive little sampler piece for the 'building character' page as at one time in history young girls were expected to make a sampler (or more) to document stitches and to demonstrate, not only their expanding skills with a needle but also to foster patience, memory, focus, and sometimes even social skills. 
it was thought to be a character building activity. i'm not arguing with that.
i'll continue to build my own character as i finish this page.
the quote is Benjamin Franklin and i thought it appropriate (as well as not too very long).
the current and fifth week prompt is 'abstract art inspiration'. i found this prompt to be intimidating at first as i don't have a lot of knowledge about abstract art and can't even claim to have liked it until the past several years. it has sort of grown on me for reasons i don't understand.
Chelle was helpful in giving a generalized definition of the term as well as demonstrating how she goes about creating abstractly.
i followed her 'formula' and ultimately enjoyed myself a lot on this page.
first putting down some white gesso onto a cardboard substrate.
once dry, i painted on some Plaid Glaze in the "New Gold Leaf" color very randomly. i then squirted yellow acrylic paint in a few (very unthought out) places and took a plastic fork to (relatively) smooth it out which left a fun textural quality within those areas.                                                    
then i used a wedge shaped sponge brush to swipe on three rectangles using Making Memories Scrapbook Colors Specialty Glaze in Amethyst.
as usual you can click on my photos and enlarge them to see more details. another click will give even MORE details.
using corks in various sizes as a printing tool, i made random circular marks on the page. for this i mixed up my own orange color from red and yellow acrylics.
next i took a metallic gold marking pen and outlined some of the circular shapes as well as the sides of the rectangles.
last but not least i remembered to sign date it.
i think this page will work out well for additional journaling at some point. which brings me to a quote from Julies blog from today's art journaling every day post:
"Work in stages. . . .   "Some days you need to art and other days you need to write. They needn't both happen on the same day! "
it's always good to get serendipitous validation like that ~ thank you Julie~!
She has many other great art journaling tips on today's post besides this one. if you are interested in reading them and seeing her art journaling be sure to link over. additionally you can be inspired by many other art journalists who are also participating in Julies linky party.
recent gifts include:
  • some desperately needed moisture in the form of snow
  • looong naps
  • visiting with fellow quilters as i help hand quilt a guild project 
  • warm lovingly mended wool socks to keep my feet warm
  • new revelations in what is needed to keep my hips strong ~ every other day seems to work better than every day as it gives the muscle a chance to build again before the next exercise session


  1. I really like your stitched words, Libby Q. Great quote.

  2. I love your work! The sampler is a clever interpretation of that prompt, and your abstract is a really stunning desert landscape in my eyes. Love it!

  3. I have to agree with the comment on the glasses and a steady hand relating to how ageing sucks! Both pages look great.

  4. Love what you are working on. You inspire. Hugs

  5. Lovely little prim stitchery!!

  6. I love this post. Thanks for showing the page step by step. I love the idea of using a fork for texture and I love it when I see people doing things randomly:
    "squirted yellow acrylic paint in a few (very unthought out) places"
    that's so often what I end up doing! Thanks for your comment. I found the recipe for texture paste on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEDIUrI3o0E
    and I will share the recipe for texture paint in a future post. I used 1 part white acrylic, 1/2 part pva glue and 1 part talc, just mix it all up.

    1. thank you Susan for sharing this information~!
      and for the kind comment.
      random is easy and sometimes works out well.


  7. I love your neat and pretty stitching and the colors on the painted piece.

  8. Your art journal project sounds very fun, Libby! Creative calisthenics!

    1. yes, June, a perfect description of art journaling: "Creative calisthenics"
      thank you for your visit and comment.


  9. Lovely play! I also enjoyed reading all the quotes - in the post and on the sidebar. Glad your hip is doing better. I have a wise friend who recently told me "if what you are doing isn't working try something else"! I have a tendency to get stuck. ; p

  10. Your sampler is impressively legible!


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