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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

i've got no less than four posts in "draft" mode.
but none of them quite ready to post yet due to something or other missing . . . 

i know that i've been away for over a month and feel the need to get back into the blog world but am wondering at just where to start.

i don't like my blog to be about complaints and dark days but the fact is sometimes that's what i've got. today is one of those days.

initially i was away from blog land due to some efforts needed within the garden. i love (make that LOVE~!!~) to be in the garden, however if i work in the garden, even for a short time, then the rest of my day is pretty much shot. due to MS i'm sometimes forced to make decisions about what i get done which really saddens me. i'm one of those gals that likes to "have her cake and eat it too" and back in the day i could do that. it came at a cost but i did it anyway. quite frequently i notice that i can do this less and less which leads to anger and depression.
so it's a dark day. or two.  please bear with me as i work through it.

i have actually accomplished a number of things (besides short but intense busy spells in the garden) while not blogging. none of them earth shattering but when i'm not taking extraordinarily long naps i do try to at least keep my hands busy. i'm happy to say that my 15 minutes of sewing project continues despite all of this  and i'm not too far behind on the TAST work. i even have some new prayer flags and atc's.
i do get bored easily and move from project to project which results in much done but not a lot necessarily crossed off of any lists. sometimes i really do think i have ADD . . . sure, why not add that to my list of ails.

lately, i can't seem to always muster up the steady hands (or time) needed to take a photo that i'm happy with which puts me even further behind in relation to what i want to post as well as disgusted by what MS continues to take away from my life.

this summer i've been on my own quite a bit (wonderful husband works long, hard, hot hours at 'stomping out' wild land fires). this results in a few more household responsibilities left to me to factor into my time/energy. it seems to take very little to upset the balance and create a pile-up of bits and pieces to attempt to get back into some sort of manageable routine . . . which leaves me running about stomping at my own 'fires'.

so what started out as a small break from posting has turned into a long dry spell. i apologize. i have had a few late night moments that i used to wander aimlessly around the internet and have to admit that i often don't even have the energy to make a comment. sporadic lurking has become my 'contribution' to the web. i'm ashamed but cannot seem to find the energy for more.

i have had some extremely thoughtful inquiries about my mysterious long absence and i want to thank those who have kept me in their thoughts while i've been 'off the radar'.
the fact is that i am (mostly) okay. i miss my semi regular routine of blogging and know that this will all sort itself out eventually.
i appreciate whatever patience anyone wishes to bestow upon me and hope that i will not continue to disappoint.

despite all of this i do find that i have much to be grateful for and some of my recent gifts include:
  • the peace that i find watching my pond and it's residents
  • a bountiful harvest of fresh tomatoes being gathered
  • the incredibly good taste of those warm from the sun, freshly picked tomatoes
  • a cottontail bunny that comes to steal peas in the evening . . . i happily share them with this sweet creature
  • warm milky tea sipped in the cool early morning while watching the hummers start their day
  • being able to somehow (!?! garden hose in one hand and dog on leash in the other!?!) separate two sizable very bad dogs from a fight without getting bit
  • both dogs coming away from said fight with only minor injuries
  • witnessing the drama of a fiery red sunrise
  • potatoes and onions promising their own generous harvest
  • spellcheck

i hope that you are finding many gifts to enjoy within your summer days as well.

i would also like to apologize for dropping the ball on my ongoing give-aways. i hope to get back to those sometime in the fall.


  1. I am so happy to see you posting again!!! I was getting worried about you but didn't want to pester you...yet! I had set a mental date of Sept 1 then I was going to start hounding you for info!!! So sorry to hear of your "dark days"...I know how they can build up!! Going through a bit of that myself with my husband's health....but it is what it is!! Your many talents have been greatly missed!!! But do take care of yourself!! If you wouldn't mind, I would like to add you to my email list to periodically send you a word...not necessarily needing a response if you are not up to it!!

  2. Listen, don't worry about whether your blogworld buds are eagerly awaiting your posts! they know that what you do is your best, and is always great. working within such limitations is bound to be frustrating and difficult and if you want to rant in here, well, what are your blog friends for if not to read and listen, and nod in sympathy and just be there for you? huh?

  3. Glad to see you on the blog again. Sometimes life just hands us all the curves at once, hope things get more manageable soon. Say thank you to Your Guy for stomping on those wildfires, it's been a really bad year for that. Glad that you've been able to maintain the 15 minutes of stitching. Hope you'll link up again soon.

    It's not ADD, it's ACT (admirable creative talent).

  4. Oh, Libby Q. Do take good care of yourself. Be patient with yourself, too. I pray you would feel content when you have to pace, but I can imagine it's very hard to do.
    Fall will come and with it will come a lot of inspiration, cool temps, and nature's bounty.
    Bless you, friend. I care about you.

  5. Hello,
    I am very happy to see you post again, but sad that your novels are not better. Pauline and me, we wishe you will be better soon (sorry, my english is ugly).

  6. Oh, Libby, my heart aches for your trials and troubles. I pray you will regain some strength soon so we can enjoy all those beautiful photos and stitches. Is that a squash blossom today? Beautiful.

  7. Even when life's tough you manage to appreciate the good things - and those moments will join up soon and push away the bad. Lesley x

  8. SO nice to hear from you. Was thinking about you and sending good thoughts your way.
    Just do what you can, sometimes breaks, changes, multiple projects are just what we need - not the least of - sometimes - a good nap!
    Take care of yourself!!

  9. You are coping really well considering all the issues you are facing. Hopefully all this will pass and better and brighter days are just around the corner.

    Milky tea? I like that too!

  10. So good to hear from you! It sounds like you are making the best of things and taking care of yourself. That's about all you can do. It's so frustrating when our bodies let us down. I'll continue sending good thoughts your way. Your list of gifts is inspiring. Hope you are feeling better soon.


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