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Thursday, June 28, 2012

TAST ~ palestrina stitch

morning gifts from the garden.

this week (26) the stitch on PinTangle was the palestrina stitch.
this is a new one for me once again and i really needed to study quite a few versions of instruction as well as videos to understand how to do this stitch.
once i did understand it though, i found it to be a really great stitch to work. it became wonderfully rythmic as i settled into it and now i'm looking for more places to put it~! first i worked these samples using a variety of threads. i randomly tried a few different things and then made a decision about which stocking to apply it to.

the wonderful daughter's stocking received a bit more work in this lacey area that i started  a few weeks back . . . the newly added palestrina stitch is along the top  of the lace and i love the way it created a small braided type of edge. feel free to click on any of these images to see a larger version and if you would like to see a 'before' shot of this area go here. it's been fun to see the actual 'evolution' of this particular area. i think that there will be more stitches placed here before the TAST challenge is finished . . .


i did miss a day of the 15 minute challenge . but for the remaining six, i managed to meet with success. i worked on a few appliqued basket handles, more experimental stitching on some atc's, and the TAST/christmas stocking project.

my time and energy for stitching does seem much more limited during the summer but with this challenge on my daily list of to-do's i am still able to make steady, yet slow, progress.

if you think adding a 15 minute sewing session to each day's priorities is something you would benefit from head over to Kate's at Life in Pieces and join in.


i thought i would show you a few shots from my garden. it's what has been keeping me only minimally involved in blogland and my stitching.

one of the columbine plants in some soft morning light

this is russian sage which is a new plant to my garden. i like it for it's wispy leafyness and purple blossoms which remind me a lot of lavendar. it smells wonderful when touched or wind blown and is supposed to be very winter hardy. i'm anxious to see how it does. i've planted several plants in various places and if all goes well i'll be adding lots more.

i've been unable to find a lavendar plant that makes it through our high altitude winter so until i do this plant will be my stand in. it's very fragrant (both plant and blossoms) and looks similar. it may be that this russian sage will be a better choice for the extreme winters as well as the other harsher elements here (lots of wind, very short growing season, cool nights and hot daytime temps).

we seem to have a lot of butterflys this year. the small blue ones like the one above flutter up out of the lawn as it's being walked upon. they are so pretty and so fragile looking.
this one had a bit of tatter on one of it's wings . . . i suppose that it's a short life that butterflys live but they seem to know how to make the most of it, don't they~!?


recent gifts include:
  • a couple of days rest from the garden work
  • working on the dog's fetching skills in the evenings
  • a small fabric shopping trip (+ lunch~!) out of town with a friend
  • picking vine ripened tomatos


  1. Hi Libby Q! Oh, you are the trickiest stitcher ever! Beautiful!
    My neighbor found a new quilt shop! I'll take my camera!
    You sound good! Yay!

  2. Ooh, that stitch looks great along the top edge there! It's nice to see how that stocking lace is evolving. And the garden - tomatoes and flowers - lovely!

  3. The new stich looks beautiful on the stocking. Even missing one day, it sounds like you had a good week on the crafty front. Beautiful garden images.

  4. Ah, tomatoes - jewels of summer! Have you eaten them yet? If they were mine, I'd pair them with basil and drizzle with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.
    Your new stitch really adds a lot to your daughter's stocking - really defines that edge.
    Love your practice stitch with the beads.
    I have some lavender growing near my front door. I LOVE it. Your russian sage looks like a wonderful substitute. I hope it blooms longer than my lavender. My blooms have already faded.

  5. The texture on the tomato skin is wonderful - yum! and with the setting - eye candy too.
    Wonderful stitching.
    Good luck with the Russian Sage - I'm looking forward to changing growing zones. Peonies here I come...
    Thank you for sharing!

  6. beautiful opening photo - the tomatoes look good enough to eat!!
    pretty stitch and butterfly too!

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  8. I think we are in similar climates and I love my Russian sage!

  9. lovely stitchs and beatiful photos ;-)

  10. Thank you so much for your good wishes and prayer.Enjoyed your post, both pretty and informative.

  11. I always enjoy your photos. You are so talented. I hope is well with you. Hugs

  12. I hope everything is okay with you, Libby Q!
    I miss you!


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