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Sunday, August 19, 2012

some creative spontaneity

about a month ago i happened to visit Nina, a very creative blogger who was experimenting and having fun putting some atc's together. i hadn't been involved with an atc trade for quite a while and she was making it look so tempting that i wanted in on the fun. Nina very graciously agreed to trade with me and i immediately began to create mine. if you want to see the cards that i sent to her then pop over for a visit to Mrs. Moen; The Not So Secret Life of a Quilter.

these are the fun cards that she sent to me. i love what she's done using textures, layers and just minimal accents.

Orange Flower

love this creative use of the orange paper clips

Tiny Forest

another simple and fun idea


this one's my favorite~!

love that nest of thread bits.
Little House
and check out this tiny little dwelling with it's wonderful "goodnight moon"

awesome huh~!?  
i have been inspired to use more creative textures within my own work.

sometimes it's good to just spontaneously jump in and PLAY a little bit~!!~ thank you so much Nina for the opportunity to enjoy both the creating, sharing, and (best of all~!!~) the receiving of a few more atc's.

:- )

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recent gifts include:
  • the enjoyment of acting on a playful impulse and sharing in creative experimentation
  • walking on the sun warmed soil in bare feet to pick (and eat) snow peas from the garden
  • seeing the summer flowers colorfully burst into bloom  
  • watching a couple of orange kittens romp in the field; so fierce and funny with fur standing out in excitement as they clumsily play their "gotcha" games with each other.


  1. Lovely cards!! I too am trying some more mixed media works!! I love the whole journaling process...am trying to devote more time to just that! Again, good to hear from you!!!

  2. They are all very cute, but the flower one is my favorite of the set. I'm probably being dense, but what does "ATC" stand for?

    Love the clematis photo! The are one of my favorite flowers.

  3. Hi Libby Q! I wish I could see the orange kittens!
    I hope you are playing around, creating, and dreaming as much as possible!

  4. Your ATC trade cards, both received and gifted, are spectacular. I particularly liked the "live in your strength" one. Beautiful clematis!

  5. Beautiful ATC cards - so creative.
    Take care - love the vision of kittens at play

  6. I love to be spontaneous!@ Sometimes those projects turn out to be my favorite!!

  7. thank for sharing this adress. Her work is wonderful. I love the first and the second cards you shown, but her blog is full of fabulous pictures

  8. I am happy you enjoyed our little swap as much as I did. Looking forward to the next one:)


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