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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

some (merry) christmas projects that i've worked on and finished over the last couple of months.

 these are small (approximately 3.5 inches) mitten ornaments that i made using some of the tiniest scraps that i found in the scrapbag. hand pieced onto a scrap piece of batting. simple feather stitched embroidery over the seams and a tailor's buttonhole stitch  all around.

 they are backed with a nice bright red felt. my quilt guild donates a decorated christmas tree to a local fundraiser auction. all ornaments for this tree are handmade by the guild members and these were the ornaments that i made and donated. they are quick to make and turn out pretty cute. there was quite a selection of beautiful work done for this and someone won a very nicely decked out tree this year~!

 this was a small (approximately 9 inches tall) stocking that i made using basically the same technique. fully lined and donated to the guild's annual christmas bazaar fundraiser.

i decided to use a simple feather stitch for the embroidery on the above pieces but there are many choices when embroidering a crazy quilt seam. an excellent resource for learning more about crazy quilting is CQMagOnline.

i also enjoy going to Pin Tangle for seam embroidery details and instruction.

 this stocking was a bit bigger (approximately 13 inches tall). machine pieced with the trims being added by hand. also fully lined. my wonderful daughter decided that she would like to have this one to use as a gift for a friend.
this last stocking is quite large (approximately 20 inches tall). it was made using a vintage block that i was given (one of a set of about a dozen star blocks) that didn't lie flat. it was easy to see why the maker hadn't put them together into a quilt but of course i couldn't waste them and  have begun to use them in this way.  fully lined and also claimed by my wonderful daughter for gifting purposes.

today's gifts included:
  • gingerbread cookies made and decorated by my daughter ~ these were so charming to look at that i almost didn't want to eat them
  • a much needed afternoon nap
  • hearing my daughter's laughter


  1. I've just discovered your blog - it's absolutely lovely! I shall add it to my favourite blog list. Your patchwork mittens and stockings are delightful - hope you don't mind if I make some too! And I especially love all your positive comments at the end of each post. Keep up the good work.

    With best wishes from Sue in Australia

  2. What sweet Christmas decorations! I like the idea to use a reject block to make the stocking. I wouldn't have thought of that. Merry Christmas!

  3. great way to use up scraps of fabric. I like the cream/neutral stocking the best!

  4. Absolutely adorable. I love all of them!

  5. These mittens and stockings are just adorable---thank you so much for sharing these. Happy Holidays!

  6. Oh, your mittens and stockings are picture perfect, Libby Q!
    I'm so glad you took a nap today!
    It's so snowy here. We shoveled all morning. Tomorrow we'll be limping around whining about our aches and pains!
    I wish the baking fairy would come!
    Love love love, good friend!

  7. How sweet! You certainly were busy last month! They are all so precious and I love that they are made with scraps and a wonky block.
    I'm a chocolate lover, but gingerbread men steal my heart and warm my tummy!

  8. Fabulous projects - I love all of your hand stitching - so pretty.
    Very creative use of the 'not flat' block - you not only saved it, but made it a treasure.
    Thank you for sharing!!

  9. These are just beautiful! I love the embroidery work you did on them. Love the way scraps were used to make these. So thankful for the scrap basket!

    Christmas blessings!

  10. Your ornaments are beautiful. I especially love the natural color stocking.

  11. On My!
    Your mittens and stockings are adorable!
    ho ho ho

  12. Just love all the ornaments you have made. They are so sweet and cozy looking! Hope you have a wonderful year ahead!


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