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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

just a quick post featuring a couple of postcards that i managed to work on and finish during the last few weeks.

this first one was a birthday card. i used a bit of an old tattered hand embroidered towel (both the embroidery and the  lace edge) and a piece of my own hand dyed orange fabric. the sun has been reverse appliqued by me and i did add a few more embroidered stems and flowers.
last year i did a similar card for the same person using old linen bits (an embroidered handkerchief) and a hand dyed fabric. i think i'll make this theme a tradition for her birthday cards as she seems to really love them.

this second card was made for  a friend who has been going through cancer treatments. she will be finding out very soon the results of all of that . . . keep her in your thoughts and prayers please.
i found that skep and bee fabric years ago and because it was on sale (and i loved it) i bought a few yards. now i wish i'd bought the whole bolt~!!~

i want to thank every visitor who has returned to my blog and especially those that have left a comment. i feel such joy being back within this friendly blog world.

this morning i discovered that Somerset Studio's has a new blog. i'm a huge fan of many of their publications (and secretly dream of someday being within those pages).
are there other Somerset Studio's fans out there?

it's early yet, but today's gifts already include:
  • the joy felt when i see that other bloggers out there haven't forgotten me and the sweetness of their recent thoughts and prayers
  • my morning mug of hot chai tea (with it's overtones of coconut) with milk and honey added
  • waking up to a newly mucked out pantry ~ organized and tidy


  1. These are just so lovely!!!
    Happy Christmas!

  2. Thanks for the reference to Somerset Studios! It is a beautiful publication esp the holiday issues! With your fantastic photography, you definitely should submit some of your work!! I am always inspired by your artwork...giving me good ideas...love the lace look! I have some old lace from my grandmother and need to make good use of it!

  3. Another beautiful post card!
    She will have a wonderful collection of cards.
    I too admire Somerset and I think you will be in those pages one day SOON.

    So happy, and lucky for us you are back posting ;-)

  4. I so admire your cards! True treasures.

  5. Hi Libby Q!
    Oh, you could be in those Somerset pages, for sure!
    I love your postcards - ALWAYS!
    Bless you this holy season, good good good soul!

  6. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you!! I ADORE the reverse applique sun- you are so creative!! Both cards are terrific.

  7. Lovely cards Libby, for your friends - hope for good news for the second. Have a good weekend. x

  8. Great pieces. I have that bee skep fabric it was fun to see it.
    Merry Merry to you!

  9. Your postcards are awesome! They're like mini quilts and so very creative. Have a fabulous Christmas!

  10. I absolutely LOVE these stitched post cards! I've always thought I should like to do that, but never have gotten round to it. Do you actually mail them "as postcards" or do you put them in envelopes so as to protect them?

    Really lovely.


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