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Thursday, December 29, 2011

today was a great mail day~!!~ full of fun and fabulous surprises.

i recently participated in a give-away from Cathy of Big Lake Quilter and low and behold ~!!!~
i actually won~!
a beautiful collection of moda fabrics as well as an Omnigrid Mini-FoldAway. i work small a lot of the time and expect that the miniature cutting and pressing station will come in quite handy. as for the fabrics . . . they are so yummy that i'm bound to find myself starting a (forbidden) new project . . . i could sure see these fabrics making a sweet little doll quilt or two . . .  hhhmmmmm . . .  maybe a great way to pay the give-away goodness forward . . .  it is about time for me to have another one i think . . .  how's that for a tease?
thank you so very much Cathy.

i also received a totally unexpected card from Jay of  Creative Crone from studio Q. she is a zentangle artist extraordinaire as well as a fellow quilter. she has challenged herself with creating regular zentangles as well as an accompanying haiku with each one.  i LOVE visiting her and seeing her newest creative tangles.
and today, totally out of the blue, i got a card from her that was full of loving kindness as well as one of her beautiful zentangles.
on the back of the zentangle is it's very own haiku written by Jay:

 "Giving is Pleasure.
No matter how large or small,
The thought is the gift."
how true and how blessed i felt to be the one thought of in this special way. thank you Jay.
btw: can you guess what proud state Jay is from? there's a clue within today's photo.

in addition to all of that goodness i received the newest issue of the Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine.
i've been so busy admiring my other goodies that i haven't even cracked the cover yet but am looking forward to taking it to bed with me and possibly staying up late soaking up much of what is within it's pages.
a fabulous way to end this abundant day.

today's gifts include:
  • the generosity (of both spirit and gifts) from friends i've made while blogging
  • a walk with River and my wonderful husband. the new hip is feeling really GOOD just lately
  • the lovely feeling of excited anticipation


  1. Thank YOU for the kind words!! It was my pleasure to send my card to you! And congratulations on your winning the wonderful gifts from Cathy of Big Lake....will look forward to what you are doing with it!

  2. See? YOU are so amazing! Everyone loves you, Libby Q!
    I am so happy that your hip is GREAT!

  3. posto posto.. greeting from Malaysia =)

  4. Glad you were the recipient of such goodness.
    Really? Can you read such a magazine in bed and expect to fall asleep? My guess is you will have some creative dreams!

  5. So glad the new hip is feeling good! Happy New year!

  6. How fun to receive gifts after Christmas is over!!
    So glad you are continueing to feel better. Happy new year!!


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