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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

have finally gotten back to my Digital Expressions (by Susan Tuttle) lessons.
lesson three pertains to incorporating text into a piece.

i've used two photos and several layers of text hoping to create a painterly botanical type of piece . . . i'm pleased with this and hope to do some more soon.
i'm starting to feel much more comfortable working in my PSE7 program however my pace
is still pretty slow and it takes me forever to create something that i'm satisfied with.


  1. Fascinating! I'd love to learn how to do all that cool stuff! I love your piece! Beautiful!

  2. That is beautiful! I can jsut barely crop photos and make a few lighting adjustments. It takes a lot of time to figure that stuff out. It looks like it is worth it!!

  3. Lovely work Libby - flowers and bulbs are always of interest to me and there's lots to hold the attention here. Lesley

  4. What a great result! the two images compliment each other so well, and I love the text showing through.

  5. Superb botanical print - very professional and artistic.


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