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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

fall is in the air~!~ and blogland is brimming with give-aways. don't you just love this sweet woolen pin cushion~!?!~ if you would like a chance to win it you should visit Cheryl at So many quilts so little time! (http://fatesdesigns.blogspot.com/) she's there on my sidebar but don't wait too long ; she'll be drawing names for it tomorrow morning~!

we have already had a couple of pretty hard frosts and much of the garden is looking a bit golden.

this a.m. i caught sight of these seedpods on the hollyhocks and liked their illuminated look . . .

then i went to capture some more seedy garden goodness and i discovered the columbine in bloom AGAIN. it looks a bit confused with a dried seed pod AND a blossom coming from the same plant . . . and what is even weirder is that this is the third time this year that this particular plant has sent up blossoms. not sure what's happening but am taking the time to appreciate the tiny bit of yellow goodness that has shown itself once again.

there are at least a half dozen stems and sizable flowers on each one.

i've been busy working on a candle mat for the past few days. it was a kit that i purchased last year from www.pumpkinpatchprimitivequiltshoppe.blogspot.com . i don't usually do kits but this one was irresistible. however, i could not help myself and did make a few changes. i used small buttons rather than french knots on the front of the snowman and i tacked down a small tatted snowflake in the center. i felt that this made the piece a bit more multi functional as now it could even be hung up as a wall hanging i think.
obviously the buttons and the tatted piece were not included in the kit but it did have plenty of everything called for by the easily understood pattern.

the tatted snowflake was made by a sister guild member. she makes them and sells them at our annual Christmas Bazaar. it's one of my favorite booths and every year i'm able to add a few to my own collection. sometimes i use them as tree ornaments and sometimes i use them within my own work . . . i'm always smitten by the wonderful work that she does on them. maybe someday i'll have her show me how to tat but for now i love buying her lovely work.

one of the things that was included in the kit was a flannel backing fabric. it was stated as optional within the instructions but i was pleased to have it as part of the package as i really like the finished look that it gives this little piece.

it seems early to think about snowflakes falling and the construction of snowmen but you know it will be here before we all know it~!


  1. That's a lovely candle mat. Will it be Christmas soon? Ooh ... the pressure. I do some tatting and if we live closer, I'll be glad to teach you! :)

  2. Everything you do is so absolutely gorgeous, Libby Q! You are so inspirational. I may have to pop over and enter that giveaway - the pin cushion is so cute!

  3. I love your columbine. They are such a fun little plant that I'm not surprised it's blooming again!
    Your wool mat is so adorable. I really, really like the tatted doily in the center. It adds so much character to the piece!!

  4. Didn't realize you had a blog, Libby. Beautifully done! Have seen some of the pictures, of course, but it's nice to see them together likethis.

  5. Love your little wool project - it must be something about fall, because there is more and more wool showing up.
    I missed the give away - but it was cuuutttee!!


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