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Monday, July 12, 2010

this morning i spent some time learning about and experimenting with aperture. taking the camera off of the "granny green" button is challenging me but i do like the range of creative possibilities that are opening up to me when not shooting in the manual mode . . .
this first shot is straight out of camera except for the square crop.

once again i'm behind schedule with the TAST (www.pintangle.com) project/challenge. the stitch was an Up and Down Feather Stitch and not one that i was familiar with. the first attempt was while i was away from the computer and i tried to do it from memory . . . it turned out fine but i did it wrong. i used a heavy cotton thread in green. if looked at upside down i thought it could be peas growing on a vine . . .

the second attempt was done correctly (i think) and does appear slightly different when looked at closely. i worked this one in a heavy variegated green thread.
i may go back in and add some bullion "flower buds" between the two prongy bits . . . maybe in red . . .

the third attempt was worked with a red hand dyed silk ribbon and i liked the way that turned out too.

i found this stitch charming and packed FULL of possibilities.
all of these stitches were worked into fabric postcard blanks; each attempt on a different card.


  1. Hi Libby Q! I love that stitch. I may have to break out my embroidery stuff. I found a little stitch card the other day and I think I can follow the directions. Your green is lovely and so is the silk ribbon.

  2. Oh! The purple petunia is incredible!

  3. Thank you for your kind words. I would be honoured to be 'inspiration'. I like your stitch exercises. Have you found HEN, free stitch information and videos:
    'Mary Thomas' Embrodiery Dictionary' is the best reference book for stitches.

  4. That looks like a great stitch!! My favorite is the one with the ribbon:)

  5. Lovely stitchery. Working on postcards is such a terrific way to practice. I'm not sure I can even thread a needle any more but your work makes me want to try!

  6. Wow. How neat. The ribbon is so, so pretty. This is fun! I love the stuff you do on your blog. I do, I do, I do....


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