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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

come sit a moment and watch my summer garden grow.

this is a new combination of plants i'm putting in: liatris (the purple) and coreopsis (the yellow). i'm finding them a wonderful pairing and really like their contrasts in color and form. the tags optimistically put their cold tolerance at -40 degrees. we'll see . . .

the daisies are happiness incarnate.

the peppers are going gangbusters which isn't usually the norm . . .

so far just a few tiny green tomatoes so i won't bother showing those off just yet.

but the snow peas are yummy and plentiful . . .

i love this rose. it's a climber called jacob's coat (i think) and is new to our garden this year. i hope it does well and survives the winter (aka: hardiness test) to come back next year. i figure if a plant comes back three years running it's here to stay. only the toughest make it.

i'm getting little else done.
other than watching the garden grow . . .


  1. Oh, those peppers are amazing, Libby Q!
    Yes, definitely watch the garden grow. Just be. It's a good thing.

  2. Your garden is so pretty!! I have coreopsis that self seeds and goes crazy. The deer nibble at it but it isn't a favorite:)

  3. Beautiful!
    I have to tell you, Libby Q, your name alone makes me biased towards you since my one and only little girl we call Libby Lu. :)

  4. And what a lovely way to spend your time Libby! The flowers and veggies are wonderful, especially the rose, Jacob's coat. Best wishes, Lesley

  5. I'm delighted to watch your garden grow since it's way too hot for me to sit in ours. I love purple flowers paired with orange day lilies or red poppies. PLEASE share a photo when that gorgeous rose blooms!


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