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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

first off, i would like to thank everyone who has been kind and supportive while i've gone through the loss of Sophie. she was a gentle personality within my life that i will always miss but your kindness and patience has made the initial days of my grieving process much more bearable.
thank you.

you may remember that one of my Christmas postcards did not make it to it's intended destination and so i've been working on a replacement card: the tide pool card.
i finished and mailed it a couple of weeks ago. it has been received and is being deeply appreciated. this response to my art always both delights and humbles me as i see that what my creative mind and hands have produced has not only touched another person and lifted them to happiness, but also arrived in there life exactly "on time" or just when they seemed to need it most. a phenomenon that is simply not possible to predict.
while i'm working on a piece i often let intuition take it's course and am never completely sure just where i'm going creatively or where i'll end up . . . a bit scary and a LOT slow. i touched on this somewhat in one of my recent posts. at it's best, my creative process allows me to simply become a conduit for a (creative) power higher than mine . . . i think of it as being directly linked to Mother Nature (the ultimate creator). as i open up (and become more accepting of the fact that this process sets it's own pace) i have noticed an even greater joy in my artwork. so, interestingly, it boils down to trust . . .

coincidentally (?) my newest reading in "Wherever You Go There You Are" this morning ended like this:

". . . we could experiment with trusting the present moment, accepting whatever we feel or think or see in this moment because this is what is present now. If we can take a stand here, and let go into the full texture of now, we may find that this very moment is worthy of our trust. From such experiments, conducted over and over again, may come a new sense that somewhere deep within us resides a profoundly healthy and trustworthy core, and that our intuition, as deep resonances of the actuality of the present moment, are worthy of our trust."

so i go forward refreshing my commitment to the goal of carrying this trusting intuitive process into all parts of my life . . .


  1. wow what a great postcard, can't believe you were able to include so much in it.
    this needs to be framed in a shadow box and enjoyed every day.
    I feel that way about my quilts, it decides how big it should be, border or no border, etc...
    you get the idea.
    I used to try and plan the quilt all the way to the quilting and binding now I just let it happen...

  2. Lovely rock pool card, Libby - there's so much to see (I clicked to enlarge for a better view). Best wishes, Lesly

  3. Hello dear LibbyQ
    I am always amazed when people are thinking about the same thing at the same time. My niece's blog touched on some of the same thinking and I read it just before yours. You would LOVE Walking on Water by Madeleine L'Engle. All artists love it.

  4. "Whereever you go..." is one of my favorite reads. Life is a journey full of wonder, isn't it? Love the postcard and the beautiful picture of your Sophie.

  5. Wow what a fantastic postcard, love all the different layers on it, so many things in so little space - amazing.


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