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Friday, October 23, 2009

last weekend i went for a wander up into the nearby foothills and it was a beautiful day. as you can see the snowline is dipping lower with the trees seemingly in flames down below . . . our fall season has been an extended and beautiful one so far and i am enjoying the profusion of color all around me.

i loved taking these shots of the local seeds, hips, berries, petals and leaves as the local flora approaches it's lengthy winter rest. this is a fairly harsh environment and these things struggle in our high altitude and short seasons. it's both exciting to see the colors and sad to know that it will soon be covered by snow. i am grateful to have my camera and be able to capture and save these sweet mellow moments of this fleeting season.

i only wish that i were as adept at capturing these wonderful natural gifts as my fellow blogger Carolyn at http://www.love-stitching-red.blogspot.com/ . if you want to really see some fabulous photography and how she interprets it into some of the most sensational needlework i've ever seen you should pop on over to her blog. let me warn you that you should plan on staying a while because you will almost certainly find yourself wanting to brew a cup of tea (or two) and get comfortable as you explore her sweet space. she's been doing some still life photography using vellum as a layer within her set ups and it's just one of the many beautiful and oh-so-inspiring things you will have the pleasure of enjoying. she has been on a short blog vacation and i've really missed her but a little bird tells me that she'll be back to posting very soon and may even be hosting a give-away . . . just one more good reason to go over for a visit . . . i'll be there and i hope that you will join me in welcoming her back.


  1. Hi LibbyQ!
    Your scenery is a little like mine. VERY PRETTY! I love Carolyn's blog, too. It's a happy feast!

  2. Stunning scenery Libby, love those snow capped mountains and the richly coloured close-ups too, of course. Lesley

  3. The lichen photo is my favorite. Lovely!

  4. Dear Libbyquilter, you are such a sweet treasure in my blogging world. I would have said the same about your photography. Your photographs in situ are far better than mine and very inspiring and beautiful. I love to come visit you for a nature fix. You have a great eye for colour and texture! Your words about my blog are so generous and I'm glad it's a place you like to visit and enjoy a cup of tea and stay a little while

    Enjoy your Sunday dear blog buddy. I'm just off for a little walk to the supermarket. On the way, I pass many beautiful cottage gardens and like to take a peek at them. Bye for now, love, Carolyn xx

  5. gorgeous photos, I love the vibrant yellow of the leaves in the first photo, specially with the snow just appearing there on the hills

  6. Gorgeous post, beautiful colours, inspiring photography and a wonderful blog world.

  7. Love your beautiful photos, special from the lychen. fantastic the orange on the stone.


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