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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

last night it rained. and rained. and rained. i expected our temps to dip into the freezing zone and i would wake up to snow but that did not happen. instead i woke up to partially cloudy skies and some sunshine trying to break through so i went out with my camera to see what i could see . . .
at first glance things look bleak as there have been some frosts (earlier this fall) and the plants are all brown and droopy. but i simply cannot look through that lens without it being set to macro and so discovered a multitude of seeds. when looked at this way, i decided that i could be grateful for the many and varied "promises" being made by the garden to enchant me once again after their winter rest.

the ornamental crabapple tree is just loaded with tiny little fruits that are getting redder by the day.
these fruits are about the size of a marble and the birds are going to have plenty to feast on this winter.
some have fallen to the ground and made their own colorful poetry.

thank you to all of my readers who left such understanding and comforting thoughts on my last post. i have discovered that one of my gratitudes is the friends that i have made via my blog.


  1. I just LOVE your photography!!! And thanks for the celebration with me to going to Houston! I will try to post some pics and all about it! Have you ever been? I just read your last couple of blogs, have been a little behind...I think your wonderful talents will keep you afloat in the dark times...anyone as special as you will prevail, I have not a doubt!

  2. Wonderful, wonderful photos. I love them all but most especially that seedhead with a little frosty dusting on it. I don't get frost or snow where I live so I'm relying on YOU Libby to indulge me with some frosty dusty sparkly snowy pics to get me through Autumn and Winter!

    Lots of love
    Carolyn xx

  3. what a gorgeous series of photos, very seasonal...

    Your postcard designs are gorgeous too...

  4. Beautiful photos as usual.

  5. Your photos are delightful. Your eye is poetic and your HEART is huge. I love your blog, Libby Q!

  6. Lovely, bright photos Libby, with snatches of blue softly showing in the background. Thanks for sharing close ups of your garden. BFN. Lesley


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