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Thursday, October 8, 2009

i have no reason to be overwhelmed by depression and yet i am. it is such an ugly state to be in and i find myself knee deep in it with the waters rising dangerously fast.
my current ammunition of choice is to hunker down and look for the gratitudes within my life until it lifts. i do not give this information in an effort to elicit sympathy. i don't want sympathy. what i do want is understanding for whatever may come. i'll continue to share what joy lies in my life in an effort to stay focused on the positive because if i don't, the negative will darken my life like the worst kind of dark storm. these things may or may not be things that you feel grateful for and i will totally understand if you decide to mosey elsewhere while i get through it.
i am grateful.
for lunch i enjoyed a toasted parmesan cheese bagel with a slice of muenster on top and a few slices of a deliciously ripe nectarine on the side. as i prepared and ate it i kept in mind how much i enjoy this tasty meal and how lucky i am to have virtually whatever i might like to eat at any given time. i live in a wealthy country and can enjoy a simple, nutritious and beautiful meal whenever i feel motivated enough to prepare it. never do i cry because there isn't enough to nourish myself or those that i love. this is a gift and not everyone is able to enjoy it.


  1. Hi, LibbyQ!!

    I totally understand what you're feeling. I, too, still have some ups and downs and it sometimes takes a lot of effort not to backslide into a darker place. This time of year (and through) the winter seems to be the most difficult for people like us. Sure, there's "better living through chemistry" and the meds keep me from going all the way to the dark place but it remains a struggle.

    Concentrating on the blessings and the positives is a good idea. I am also trying to get myself into a routine so I don't just hibernate the winter away again this year. The store keeps me going in the summer as I am open 7 days a week. Being self-motivating is a tough thing to do when you don't feel like doing anything at all.

    Surrounding yourself with beautiful things and finding the beauty in the things that surround you is helpful. I can see that you do that with your photography and your art.

    Hang in there! I will, too! We'll both make it!

    Love u!


  2. Hi Libby, I hope you feel better very soon, especially as your photos and posts give such pleasure to others. Have particularly enjoyed looking at today's - the cheese topped bagels look delicious! Bye for now. Lesley x

  3. Hello dearest Libby Q
    Depression . . . it scares me. I find that I am VERY impatient with my tired and glum self. I always forget to grant myself time and grace.
    I forget to indulge in the soul nourishing remedies. For me, it means time alone and a big EAR to listen to my woes. I hope you feel better very soon. I appreciate you.

  4. Thinking of you keep focusing on the positive and the little things in life.
    My favourite quote is from Julian of Norwich
    "all shall be well and every manner of thing shall be well"
    Be kind to yourself

  5. Hi libby, just wanted to say you are not alone. I struggle with it too and this time of year it always seems to get worse, that is when SAD kicks in. I'm really hoping that blogging this year will help me deal with the worst of it. And maybe by sharing our thoughts with others that go through it too will help us all. Thanks for the inspiration you have given me to speak about my own feelings and thoughts.

  6. thank you all for your visit and kind thoughts . . . it does help to know that i am not alone in this.


  7. Hello Sweetheart,
    thank you for your kind comment.
    Just keep talking, we are here whenever you need us.
    Write how you feel, it will help you and a good many of us too. We know we are not alone that way.


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