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Sunday, September 27, 2009

stripey legs-yours for the growing!
this week's challenge was "stripey legs". i've temporarily given up on trying to create a card on photoshop elements 7 and so this one is made the old school way: glue, scissors, colored pencils, etc.


  1. Nothing wrong with "old school"! Nice legs:)

  2. Being a stripey leg clown - I love this! How cute!

  3. What a wonderful and fun card with so many striped legs.

  4. You have been so busy lately - there is so much for me to feast my eyes on! Flowers, pickling, quilts and atc ... is there no end to your wonderful talents?

    I enjoyed my visiting and catching up with you today. Hope you had a good weekend :o)


  5. Cute postcard - Great use of legs.

  6. Whimsical fun- love your stripey legs postcard!

  7. What a fun card and colourful legs!!


  8. Hi Libby!! The quilt in the last post looks great! Someday I am going to convince you to quilt it yourself. I am going to keep trying as it is perhaps my most favorite part of the quilting process. I like the background fabric too, monkeys? cool! The socks in the above card remind me of the knee highs I used to wear as a girl. Hope all is going well in your life. Oh, they are doing a swap in Flickr that I think you would be interested in. Email me or post on my blog and I'll send you info if you want to ; )

  9. Fabulous, colourful fun card, Libby!

  10. Some delightful stripey legs here. Nice work!

  11. thank you all for your sweet comments~!~

    Carolyn: i really have been busy lately~!~i'm hoping things slow down a bit very soon.

    Mary: i am a hand quilter. earlier this summer i had a small charity/gift quilt top machine quilted and this one will be machine quilted but normally my quilts are hand quilted. i've recently decided that SOME of the quilt tops that i make using my scrap management project will be machine quilted in order to free up time, energy, etc for other projects that i have going on. i would like to save my hand stitching for the quilts for family and close friends.
    thank you for the heads up regarding the flikr swap . . . will have to check into it~!~


  12. Libby, I sent you a Flikr mail ; )



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