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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

my garden and i are tired today.
all twisted up inside.
worn out.

and definately in a funk.

i've been thinking about what i might do for the SPA challenge which is "BONES & SKELLIES" . . . when i went out in the garden with my camera i ended up finding lots of both~!~ i suppose if i could master something (anything!) within photoshop elements 7 i could do something creative and postcard-like with one of these shots but have been totally frustrated trying to figure out the simplest stuff within that program. ~aaaaaarrrgh~!!~

doesn't this look like part of a dried up old finger bone?

and this stick looked like a bit of bird skull . . .

black and white felt right for these shots . . . can you tell that i'm missing summer already~!?!

i'm also missing my daily photography discipline. i don't seem to find myself with camera in hand nearly as often and really wonder if i shouldn't still be doing it . . . if i do the photography than i have to let something else go as i just can't juggle too many creative "balls" at once.
is anyone aware of photo blogs and or challenges that i could check out? maybe a group getting through a particular book or set of photographic challenges . . . or maybe some sort of BEGINNER photoshop elements type of exercises being done as a group . . .


  1. Let me know if you come across anything for Photoshop! I have it on my MAC but always end up going back to my old Paintshop Pro program to play with photos. Neither one has many self-evident functions but I'm used to using PaintshopPro so it's not nearly as frustrating.


    PS - you should enter the banner giveaway on my blog - you could make a nice banner out of one of your beautiful photos!

  2. I am such a rookie when it comes to photography. It's a new world for me.
    I hope you have a restorative day or two. I'm so impatient with myself when I'm tired. Bless you, dear Libby Q.

  3. thank you Eileen and Pom Pom for your comments and encouragement.


  4. So beautiful photos! And yes, those are really good in black and white. I agree with you; I also try and are a beginner with my camera.but I LOVE IT! And I can´t have too many creative bolls at the same time either, but I will !!! But I have not enough energy, and to learn new things take time. Thank you for all kind comments on flickr and my blog! You are a good cyberfriend! Have a nice wekeend!

  5. hello and thank you Gunnel for your visit and comment~!~
    i think it'a a common issue for us creative people to be doing and learning many things at once . . . curiousity just seems to go along with creativity.


  6. A friend lent me a book called "Photoshop for Dummies."


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