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Thursday, September 24, 2009

i have finished the small gift/donation quilt top and will be doing a final pressing of it and the backing fabric and then getting it to the machine quilters. this is a detail of the top and the fabric that i chose for the backing. some happy (and bright~!~) little monkeys romping around on this yardage~!!!~

i've completed six more string/crumb pieced nine patches.
i have some fabric paper (Christmas themed) postcard sized (6" x 4") bases for trade. these have not been embellished. they are simply the fabric paper cut to postcard size with a basting stitch around the outside edge. they have a muslin foundation and are ready to be finished into postcards. you may remember that my daughter and i made quite a lot of this fabric paper back in june and i have a few more than i need. so if you would like to trade some fabric paper postcard bases that you have made for these Christmas ones let me know. i would like to trade them in bundles of between three and six cards and i do have a limited number of them. they are all different to some extent but we used Christmas music, ribbons, tissues, images, wrapping papers, etc to make them.
if you would like to check out some other photos of this fabric paper and what i have done with some of the card bases you can check out my blog entries for june 21st, 23rd and 26th as well as an entry on september 3rd. you should be able to click on any of the images and enlarge them for a detailed peek.
~!!~if you are interested in a trade let me know~!!~

after reading my final post i can see that this postcard image is the only one (of course) that will not enlarge . . . no idea why but i did check on the other photos and posts referred to above and all of those can be enlarged so you should be able to get a good idea of what they look like.

i have also posted these on my flickr page (http://www.flickr.com/photos/28992970@N02/3951665270/). and they can be super enlarged if you would like to see the details of this shot.


  1. as mentioned over at Flickr, I'd be interested in a trade. What kind of stuff would you like to trade for?

  2. I don't think your quilt could be any yummier! I love it! GORGEOUS!

  3. good morning Tricia~!~ i would like to trade for other fabric paper postcard blanks but will consider other items as you suggest them.

    Pom Pom, somehow i knew you might like this one~!~


  4. So nice täcket är ...... its like godis (godis) och jag hoppas att ni kommer att ha en trevlig helg!
    Take care!


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