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Friday, December 6, 2013

art journal every day ~ december 6, 2013

i had decided to share some of the background work that i've been doing within my art journal pages today and then as a last minute (much needed) diversion i took my background image into photoshop and created a digital art journal page with it.

the top shot is of the backgrounded page and is a piece of cardboard from a cereal box that has been painted with a white acrylic paint.
i added:
    • a piece of calendar page
    • a white paper doily
    • dylusions spray inks
    • a stamped image/sepia & light green ink
    • lots of glue 
    i'll keep adding to the page but for now . . .
    this is the digital art page. i added several layers of my own photos and textures. i played around with the colors, opacities and just generally had a good time immersing myself in the process.
    it turned out a bit dark but i think i still like it. at any rate, it felt good to create without any other purpose in mind.

    Art Journal Every Dayi am linking up with  Art Journal Every Day at Balzer Designs . 
    the very talented Malita Bloomer of Artful Fancies by Malita Bloomer is guest posting today and i can hardly wait to see the pages that other art journalers have posted.

    feel free to link over and see some of the mixed media eye candy for yourself.

    i do have some stitched goodies to share but they will have to wait until another day.

    recent gifts include:
    • good friends happily sharing their smiles and time
    • warm wooly socks on my feet
    • the generosity and kindness of other bloggers
    • surprise packages in the mail
    • long chats with my mom and daughter over the thanksgiving holiday
    • the (always reliable) comfort of creating


    1. Hello darling dear! You make such beauty with those crafty hands of yours!
      I hope you are enjoying a joyful December!

    2. I hadn't thought about art journaling and photoshop! I can see you had fun playing. I like all the depth in the page.

    3. Lovely Journal Page work.
      Curious if you have a home printer that prints larger pages?
      Anyway, thank you for sharing!

    4. Awesome! I'd love to watch you as you create. Do you do it in long stretches or a bit here and there throughout the day? Sorry I haven't been around for a while. Having carpal tunnel issues. Doing much better now. Happy Holidays!

    5. I love what happened when your pretty art and the computer go together. Both are very pretty!

    6. I can see how easy it would be to get lost in creating these journal pages, and what comfort it could bring. Lovely work.

    7. lovely background pages. Your have a such a great eye for layering images. I started an altered book many years ago. Maybe I'll dig that out and look at it. I am inspired by your work!

    8. Thanks so much for your encouraging comments on my blog. I love what you did with this digital art journal page. I really can combine my hand applied art and my digital art. Cool!

    9. Love the texture in both piecies.


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